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The order has been placed, and everyone is thrilled. But the excitement of awaiting your package can quickly turn to frustration. Let’s face it — the last stretch can make or break the entire customer experience. Ready to optimize last-mile visibility in e-commerce? Keep reading to elevate your delivery game.

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The role of last-mile visibility in e-commerce

Because last-mile delivery is a critical aspect of ensuring customer satisfaction for online shoppers, visibility into this stage of the process can make all the difference.

This includes the ability to track every package in real-time and forecast deliveries with the utmost precision — and the information is not just for you and your team to see. It’s something that your customers are increasingly demanding. Almost half of people surveyed (47%) want to know where their package is right up until it gets delivered to them.

This part of the delivery process can be challenging for both shoppers and sellers, though — reminding us of the need for smarter solutions to keep the online shopping experience smooth and enjoyable for everyone involved.

That’s why your business could benefit from a reliable and effective shipment tracking tool that — through valuable insights and foresight — satisfies this need. Beyond that, what if this tool could also help avoid any unexpected problems or miscommunications that could harm the overall shopping experience?

How last-mile delivery influences the customer experience

After your customers spend time choosing the ideal product from your online store, they eagerly wait for its arrival, checking for any updates. Finally, the order is out for delivery, and the package is delivered into their hands.

This final touch of the shipping experience is what we call last-mile delivery. More than just an operational task to get done; it is a critical component of the customer experience. It’s where all the aspirations tied to reliability, speed, and transparency come together or fall apart.

The stakes are high for e-commerce businesses. According to the Capgemini Research Institute, delivery services received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of -9 across all markets. But how can your e-commerce business step up its game when it comes to last-mile delivery?

Last-mile delivery service report by Capgemini Research Institute - How To Increase Last-Mile Visibility For Your E-Commerce Customers

Source: Capgemini Research Institute Report

Why last-mile visibility is worth it

By investing in last-mile visibility, a vital strategy for customer satisfaction, your business can benefit in more ways than one:

  • Delivery accuracy: By knowing where your shipments are in real-time and being prepared for the unexpected, you are better equipped to deliver on your promises — i.e. packages reach customers when you said they would.
  • Enhanced delivery experience: Transparent and reliable delivery builds trust and loyalty among your customer base. It encourages customers to buy again and tell others good things about your company.
  • Operational savings: Last-mile delivery can account for up to 53% of the total shipping costs. Identifying inefficiencies in the last mile allows you to streamline your operations and cut unnecessary costs.

The challenges of last-mile tracking

Achieving last-mile visibility can seem daunting without the right tools. Here are the typical obstacles and how you can overcome them:

The difficulties of carrier tracking

When you only receive generic tracking updates from delivery companies, you often don’t know exactly where packages are. But if you use a specialized tracking tool, you won’t have to rely on carriers. Real-time insights help you stay ahead by spotting, fixing, and communicating issues faster.

Integrating with multiple carriers

Managing data from different carriers across various regions can be complex. A tool that consolidates data from multiple carriers simplifies tracking and ensures smooth operations, regardless of the carriers you work with.

Using the same data across carriers

Inconsistent tracking data from various carriers can cause confusion and frustration. Even if you manage to get data from various carriers, making sense of it all can feel like translating a foreign language. A tool with advanced technology can help you make sense by showing all the shipment details in a standardized way.

How to increase last-mile visibility for your customers

Improving last-mile visibility requires a customer-focused mindset and the right tools. Want to see how your business can put together effective strategies to improve visibility and keep customers happy?

Let’s break it down to see in what ways shipping software can help your business:

Real-time shipping insights and updates

Instant information is the new norm. Customers expect real-time updates about where their package is and when it will arrive. Giving customers updates about their shipments as soon as they happen can make their shopping experience better.

Estimated Time of Delivery (ETD)

An Estimated Time of Delivery (ETD) shows when the package is expected to arrive. By looking at past data carefully, a reliable tool can give you a precise idea of when that will be. An accurate ETD sets expectations for your customer that you can meet more realistically.

Shipping Intelligence allows you to get instant access to smart delivery estimates by comparing shipping data of over 40+ worldwide carriers. This prediction is based on historical patterns, carrier performance, and real-time tracking data — meaning you can inform your customers about the expected arrival time of their packages with confidence.

Parcel delayed notification - How To Increase Last-Mile Visibility For Your E-Commerce Customers

Predicted delivery delays

Smart tools can predict potential delays, allowing you to fix issues before they happen. When customers know about delays and receive clear communication, it keeps them happy and coming back for more, strengthening their loyalty in the long run.

By leveraging the right shipping data insights, Active Ants is now able to achieve 89%+ accuracy in predicting delays as well as provide feedback more than 10 hours before the carrier.

Proactive customer support

Be proactive in addressing delivery issues. When a customer needs to ask about a late delivery, it can make them feel really unhappy and annoyed. But if the support team uses smart tools that predict problems, they can calm things down. Instead of just reacting to complaints, they can fix things before they get worse.

Increase your last-mile visibility with Shipping Intelligence today

For e-commerce businesses, it’s not a question of whether last-mile visibility is important but more about how to achieve it. Shipping Intelligence can be your best ally in your step towards last-mile excellence.

Why? Because we make sure all the important details about packages are available to you in a standardized format. Our system offers early detection of disruptions and predictive insights to minimize delays and “Where is my order?” (WISMO) inquiries.

Want to find out how Shipping Intelligence can improve your customer’s delivery experience? Let’s work together to ensure no package is left behind at the most critical stage. Reach out to our team to get a free demo.

At Sendcloud, we help you take back control of the last mile. Packages reach their destinations, customers are happy, and your business becomes the success it aims to be.

Serena Guerra

Serena Guerra is a Content Marketing Specialist at Sendcloud, where she combines her deep knowledge of the B2B SaaS sector with a passion for innovation. With years of experience, she creates clear and insightful resources to help online stores to take their shipping processes to the next level.

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