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Sendcloud Multi-Carrier Shipping API

The Multi-Carrier Shipping API to Integrate with 100+ Carriers

Use a single multi-carrier Shipping API (RESTful) to add full shipping functionality to any shop, WMS, ERP, or marketplace without worrying about individual carrier requirements and updates.

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Sendcloud API

"As a developer, I loved the integration. It was so easy to integrate their APIs with our website."

Shipping API

Get rates, create shipments, download labels, track deliveries, create returns, webhook system, and much more.

Service Point API

Retrieve the list of active carriers, query service points by GPS location, and check their availability.

Return Portal API

Build your own return portal, find the closest service point to the customer’s address, create return shipments, and download return labels.

Return API

Create domestic and international returns, retrieve all necessary return data, request returns to be canceled and validate a return before creating the return label.

Dynamic Checkout API

Seamlessly integrate flexible delivery options into your checkout and increase conversion.

Easy to use and thoroughly documented

Reliable – 99.99% Uptime

Tested on milions of shipments

Available on all plans

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Guidelines - Shipping API

Shipping API integration guidelines

Gain a better understanding of what, how, and why before you start coding.

General guidelines

Get to know what the API has to offer and dive deeper into various types of workflows.

Marketplace guidelines

Learn about different ways to integrate your marketplace and choose the one that best fits your case.

Shipping API integration examples

API Integration

See a basic example of an API integration using Python.

Service Point Picker

See how to integrate the Service Point Picker into a custom application.

Tools - Shipping API

Quick-start with libraries of your choice


PHP (JouwWeb)

PHP (Picqer)


Go (Afosto)

Improve your whole shipping experience

Discover what makes Sendcloud an all-round shipping platform chosen by 23,000+ businesses.


Improve your whole shipping experience

Discover what makes Sendcloud an all-round shipping platform chosen by 23,000+ businesses.

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Increase conversion by offering more delivery options.


Save time on processing orders using automation.


Keep customers informed with branded tracking pages and mails.


Offer a smooth return process for both you and your customer.


Get more insights into your shipments and returns.

Fulfilment case study

860k parcels/year for 160 brands

See how Hive streamlines D2C fulfilment, aiming to reduce delivery times down to two days across Europe.

See case study

“New carrier integrations usually require a lot of time and technical resources. But with the Sendcloud API, we can go live with a new delivery option in minutes.”

Oscar Ziegler Co-Founder & CEO, Hive See case study

Case Study - Entreprises

More efficient shipping, 40% yearly growth

XXL Nutrition switched to a headless environment, which will let them easily leverage API calls to systems other than the Magento webshop.

See case study

“Our goal is to have flexible components that can be easily interchanged, giving us the freedom to replace Magento with another system while maintaining seamless functionality.”

Jordy Holthuijsen Marketing Manager, XXL Nutrition

Étude de cas - Marketplace

Jusqu'à 23 % d'économies sur les frais d'expédition

La marketplace de vente aux enchères le plus populaire d'Europe s'est associée à Sendcloud pour garantir une expérience d'expédition harmonieuse pour ses acheteurs et ses vendeurs.

Consulter l'étude de cas

“Nos vendeurs constatent des gains significatifs d'efficacité, tandis que leurs acheteurs bénéficient d'une réduction des frais d'expédition pouvant aller jusqu'à 23 %.”

Jonas Oliebos Coordinateur Digital, Catawiki Consulter l'étude de cas

Case Study - Fulfillment

50% of the European market covered with the next-day delivery

As 71% of European customers want flexibility with their delivery, they were looking for a partner that would provide their D2C customers with more shipping options. This is what the Sendcloud Shipping API was able to provide.

“Flexibility is everything when it comes to shipping in Europe and the UK. With the added range of carriers that Sendcloud brings, our customers will benefit from the most cost competitive options on the market.”

Enda Breslin GM for Europe, ShipBob
BSI Certified UKAS quality management EU General Data Protection Regulation

One multi-carrier Shipping API for all your shipping needs

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Questions & answers

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There are multiple strategies for maximizing the efficiency of our API utilization. For example, you have the option to generate Parcels in large quantities, retrieve recently updated Parcels by utilizing the "updated_after" parameter, or leverage webhooks to receive updates directly pushed to your system. To perform bulk announcements efficiently through our API, consider executing them in smaller batches and in parallel. For instance, if you have 100 parcels to announce, you could divide them into 5 batches of 20 calls each and execute these batches simultaneously using our API.

To generate parcels and shipping labels simultaneously through the API, include the 'request_label' field set to 'true' in the request to the Create a parcel endpoint. Further details on this process can be found in our documentation.

When creating parcels via the panel, shipping rules will be applicable if the 'apply_shipping_rules' field is set to true. For accurate application of shipping rules, we recommend using the "Unstamped letter" shipping method when generating your parcels. By doing so, you can bypass the mandatory 'shipping_method' fields, and any configured rules impacting shipping method selection will be correctly applied to your parcels.

For testing purposes, you have the option to utilize the Sendcloud shipping method called "Unstamped letter" when creating your parcels. This enables you to experiment with the API without the concern of incurring charges for the labels generated. However, please be aware that the "Unstamped letter" method cannot be used to test the creation of return labels. If you need to test return shipping labels, you should choose a shipping method that supports cancellation requests from Sendcloud. Ensure you cancel the label before 23:59 on the day it was created. For detailed information on testing labels, refer to our documentation.

Certainly! If you have successfully connected your own carrier contract, you can retrieve both your custom methods and Sendcloud methods by sending a GET request to the Retrieve a list of shipping methods endpoint. It's important to note that your contract pricing will only be retrieved if you have uploaded your own carrier pricing into the system.

Indeed! You can access your own prices within your Sendcloud account.

Yes! You have the capability to do so, and you can find more detailed information on this in our documentation.

Certainly! When the mandatory fields are accurately specified for each product in the shipment, your customs documents will be automatically generated. For more information, please refer to our documentation (international shipping section).