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Shipping Intelligence

Scattered shipping data, difficult to analyze

  • Frustrated customers due to delivery issues
  • You pick the cheapest carrier based on rates
  • Carrier evaluation and comparison is complex
  • Customer service swamped with WISMO calls
  • Manually checking carrier invoices (or not at all)
  • Lots of unused valuable shipping data

Shipping Intelligence

Actionable insights based on unified multi-carrier data

  • Informed customers thanks to proactive updates
  • You know your Total Cost of Shipping™
  • Benchmarks and suggestions based on your KPIs
  • 40% less WISMO with automated CS triggers
  • Automated invoice check and contract audit
  • Your analytics enriched with structured data

“We’ve got our Trustpilot and CSAT scores up in 6 months. Moreover, insights into carrier performance allow us to negotiate better terms with the carriers.”

“Over the last year, we have seen a 35% decrease in ‘Where is my order?’ questions, while 9 out of 10 customers say they appreciate proactive delivery communication.”

What is Shipping Intelligence?

Shipping Intelligence stands for Sendcloud’s suite of data products and capabilities that enable e-commerce businesses, retailers, and 3PLs to ship smarter.

It’s available as a separate product Tracey, where you can get access to:

    • Carrier performance insights and benchmarking
    • Predictive parcel monitoring and customer service automation
    • Carrier recommendations based on your shipping profile
    • Carrier contract audit and automated invoice check

Some capabilities are also available in the Sendcloud platform, such as smart shipping rules, shipping method recommendations, carrier ratings, and more.

What makes Sendcloud’s Shipping Intelligence unique?

Sendcloud has the biggest set of European shipping data. We’re working with 500+ million shipments and 3+ billion scan events to predict ETAs, delays and benchmark carrier performance.

We analyze data from 60+ global carriers like DHL, UPS, DPD, and FedEx, as well as local heroes in the biggest European markets like PostNL, bpost, Royal Mail, LaPoste, and more.

How does Shipping Intelligence work, exactly?

E-commerce businesses, retailers, and 3PLs benefit from Shipping Intelligence in multiple ways:

1. Connect with your existing shipping software or WMS, or integrate within your custom shipping setup via API. 

Based on your logistics blueprint, we consider the carriers you ship with, warehouse locations, cut-off times, parcel types, and more to assess delivery performance.

2. Integrate with your customer support software to trigger delivery events directly in your CS platform, which allows you to automate delivery notifications.

For Zendesk, Freshdesk, Gorgias, Trengo, and Kustomer, we have a native integration. You can connect to any other customer service tool via API or solutions like Make, Zapier, or Alumio.

3. Export structured shipping data to your existing BI tool or data warehouse for further analysis.

Integrate, unify, and centralize multi-carrier data. View it in our dashboards or easily export it in multiple formats. Send it to your business intelligence tool or data warehouse to enrich your overall e-commerce data.

4. Have your carrier contract and invoices automatically checked.

Uncover hidden costs and errors in shipping invoices by automatically cross-checking carrier invoices with contracts. Compare invoices over time to detect trends and identify opportunities to make critical cost-saving decisions.

5. Benefit from continuous data-powered improvements in the Sendcloud platform that enable all of our customers to make smarter shipping decisions.

I’m not generating labels with Sendcloud. Can I still use Shipping Intelligence?

Yes! Shipping Intelligence can work as a separate product, regardless of whether you’re using another shipping software, a direct carrier integration, or have any other custom setup in place.

Which unique events can I monitor other than the regular carrier statuses?

Based on carrier data, and in combination with your own logistics blueprint (number of warehouses, cut-off times, SLAs, and more), we make calculations that enable us to detect issues early.

We use those issues to set up unique events such as:

  • Calculated delivery delay: if there hasn’t been a “delivered” scan within a certain timeframe.
  • Calculated handover delay: if there hasn’t been an “acceptance” scan from the carrier. This could mean the parcel hasn’t been moving after you created the label.
  • Off-radar: if there hasn’t been a new event for X days (or even hours).
  • Pick-up point near expiration: when the parcels haven’t been picked up at the pick-up points by the recipient.

You can use these unique events to set automated triggers in your customer support tool. Next to that, we monitor numerous other delivery events like damaged shipments, lost parcels, or happy flows, based on which you can also set up triggers.

“I like what I see, but it’s yet another tool for my team to work with.”

Actually, it doesn’t have to be.

We know that you already have systems in place, especially for customer communication. What you need is the right data in the right place – something we call Shipping Intelligence.

While you can still access the data in our user-friendly dashboards in the Sendcloud and/or Tracey platforms, Shipping Intelligence is an API-first data solution.

This means you can push any data point to your system of choice.

E.g. You can integrate Shipping Intelligence with Zendesk so your CS team
automatically receives enriched data to handle tickets directly from one centralized system.

We have standardized integrations with CS and CRM systems like:

  • Zendesk, Trengo, Gorgias, Freshdesk, Kustomer
  • Hubspot, Front, Salesforce (coming soon)

As well as e-mail tools, middleware, and data warehouses:

  • SendGrid
  • Make, Alumio, Zapier
  • Google Cloud BigQuery, Snowflake

And we can connect to many more at customer’s request. So if you are using tools like Intercom, Klaviyo, or Zoho, we can have you covered!

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