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guide to international shipping

Go Global with our Guide to International Shipping 2022

International Shipping Guide

It’s time to kick-start your international shipping! From the outside looking in, selling overseas seems like a terrifying prospect. However, with a large selection of trustworthy international couriers available, it’s actually never been simpler to ship your products around the globe. In 11 simple steps, this guide will enable you and your business to start crossing borders like a 21st century Marco Polo in no time.

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Rethinking online retail sales in fashion

European consumer research 2021/22

Don’t you think that it’s time to win fashion shoppers’ hearts and minds? Sendcloud surveyed over 2400+ online shoppers to shine a light on the current state of the fashion e-retail industry. You’ll rock in 2022 with their in-depth insights and the latest trends on fashion e-commerce.

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Transforming returns - returns whitepaper e-commerce 2022

Transforming returns in 2022

Design your ideal return process in 7 practical steps

Returns are a pain in the ass for many online retailers. They are leading to low profit margins, affect conversion rates and can influence customer satisfaction. Although handling returns is an enormous financial strain for e-retailers, they bring great opportunities if treated well. And this guide will show you how to do it exactly! You’ll get important insights and best practices to convert returns into driving revenue opportunities.

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E-commerce Delivery Compass 2021/22

E-commerce Delivery Compass

European consumer research 2021/22

What is the current state of e-commerce logistics in Europe, what are the latest trends and consumer expectations when it comes to delivery and what’s going to be important in the future? Gain insights into European consumers’ thoughts on green delivery, international online shopping, future trends, among others, with industry differences, key market insights and local differences of Europe’s largest sales markets.

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Peak season 2021 checklist

Peak Season 2021 Checklist

Are you ready for this year’s holiday season?

Peak Season is right around the corner. In just a few weeks, your orders will start climbing and peak with a 95% increase in December. The secret to surviving the holiday season? Download the Peak Season checklist containing 19 action steps you can implement immediately. Follow the included roadmap to automate your logistics and enjoy smooth shipping throughout Black Friday and beyond.

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Checkout optimization guide: e-commerce

Checkout Optimization Guide

Turn your checkout process into a powerful conversion tool

70% of cart abandonment actually takes place during the checkout process. This whitepaper shares practical, customer-focused tips to slash your abandonment rate and maximize your conversions. We share research-based tips on how to optimize your checkout for a smooth user experience and increased conversions.

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WooCommerce checkout

WooCommerce Checkout Optimization Guide

Boost your conversions with an optimized shipping process

61,8% of consumers say that delivery is the most crucial part of the e-commerce experience. It’s also a great reason for consumers to leave the checkout. In this whitepaper, we explain how you can optimize your WooCommerce shipping process with step-by-step instructions.

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Post-Brexit Shipping Guide

Are you ready for Brexit?

January 1st 2021 marks the official beginning of Brexit. The transition is over and a deal was closed between the UK and the European Union. There is no crystal ball to predict how Brexit will impact the e-commerce industry exactly, but we can tell you about the requirements you will need to ship into the UK. In this guide, we share 18 actionable tips you can use to handle cross-border e-commerce now Brexit is official.

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E-commerce Delivery Compass

E-commerce Delivery Compass

European consumer research 2020

What is the current state of e-commerce logistics, what is the impact of the corona crisis and what’s going to be important in the future? This report provides insights from over 8,000 European consumers on e-commerce logistics. Discover the opportunities for your business and make the most out of your online store!

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coronavirus action sheet

Coronavirus Action Sheet

What is the impact on your webshop?

What does the corona virus mean for you as an online retailer and how can you deal with this? What are the changes and effects on online sales and how do you anticipate this to prevent losses? This sheet gives you tips that you can get started with to get through the period without any problems!

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Sendcloud Insurance - Insured Shipping Guide

Insured Shipping Guide

How to deal with lost or damages packages?

It’s painful but true: packages get lost or damaged every day. In this guide you’ll discover when it’s worth to insure your parcels, what prices and conditions apply to insured shipping and, even better, how to prevent damage and loss.

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Incoterms cheat sheet

Incoterms 2020: Cheat Sheet

All 11 Incoterms and associated obligations in one overview

Do you deliver to or receive shipments from abroad, or are you planning to? Then you will have to deal with the “International Commercial Terms”. Commonly known as Incoterms, there are 11 terms which represent different trade agreements between the seller and buyer. As a webshop, it is important to know which obligations you are bound to, so we made this handy Incoterms cheat sheet. Download now!

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