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Customs Form Template

Create your own customs forms for free

Are you struggling with complex declaration forms? Use our handy tool to generate a conforming customs form that is ready-to-print and can be added to your package for international shipments. This template will automatically fill in all the required fields and determines whether you need a CN22 or CN23 form as well as the commercial invoice.

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international shipping

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: 10 steps to problem-free international shipping

International shipping is a process that is a lot more complex than domestic shipping. It contains many more conditions, as well as increased costs and a higher risk of loss, damage, or the package not being delivered. However, get all the steps right and you can reach a wider audience, shipping your products to customers across the world. Our Whitepaper on International Shipping covers everything you need to know about sending your products across the globe. This includes in-depth explanations on the following; Customs forms, Incoterms, shipping costs, insurances, and shipping regulations. Make sure you ship your products without problems by downloading our “10 steps to problem-free international shipping” now!

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Incoterms 2020: Cheat Sheet

All 11 Incoterms and associated obligations in one overview

Do you deliver to or receive shipments from abroad, or are you planning to? Then you will have to deal with the “International Commercial Terms”. Commonly known as Incoterms, there are 11 terms which represent different trade agreements between the seller and buyer. As a webshop, it is important to know which obligations you are bound to, so we made this handy Incoterms cheat sheet. Download now!

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