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Unlocking the keys to
the conversion of your
fashion online store

Sendcloud surveyed over 2400+ online shoppers to gain insight
into the 2022 trends for the fashion e-retail industry.

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What challenges do fashion e-commerce businesses face?

Turn these insights into your advantage and keep your customers happy with your online fashion store!

70% of fashion consumers will add a product to reach a free shipping threshold

80% of your customers demand fully recyclable packaging in 2022

56% of your customers check your return policy before purchasing

Only 1% of fashion customers expect next-day delivery

Over 23.000 e-commerce businesses already trust Sendcloud

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By Nouck verzendoplossing
Success story Kleir Sendcloud

“Sendcloud turned out to be an essential partner when it comes to the logistics of processing our orders”

Jan Willem de Muinck Keizer

“Sendcloud chooses the right carrier for each shipment and customers also automatically receive track & trace notifications”.

Megan, Logistics Manager

“Doing it all manually easily takes you ten minutes, with Sendcloud it takes less than two”.

Nick and Mathias
Owners of KLEIR

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