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Power your marketplace with a multi-carrier shipping solution

Add a scalable shipping infrastructure to your marketplace. Drive seller growth through a streamlined process. Increase buyer demand with an elevated delivery experience.

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The most innovative marketplaces trust Sendcloud with their shipping

Europe’s #1 curated auction marketplace with 10M+ monthly visitors

Europe’s first live video marketplace for collectibles

Wholesale marketplace that connects 100,000+ retailers and 6,000+ brands

The official French Federation of
Tennis shop and Rolland Garros Partner

“Our sellers see significant efficiency gains, while their buyers enjoy up to 23% shipping cost savings.

We provide a flexible solution for all types of marketplaces

C2C & P2P


Manage all your sellers’ shipments from a single hub.

Full control over how you charge sellers for shipping labels
Your sellers ship small volumes
and need a kickstart
Seller support handled by marketplace
How it works

B2B & B2C


Let individual sellers control their shipping process.

Your sellers can use Sendcloud’s pre-negotiated rates
Your sellers ship a lot and want to showcase their brand
Sendcloud supports sellers who ship on our rates
How it works

B2B & B2C


Create a scalable workflow for you and your sellers.

Flexible label generation and invoicing
For sellers or all types and
Combined support by Sendcloud and marketplace
How it works


Increase speed to market and reduce costs

Expand to new markets without building carrier integrations or negotiating carrier contracts.

Sellers enjoy predictable costs and added efficiency
Buyers save up to 23% with flexible shipping choices
Go global with 100+ carriers & automated customs docs


Make data-driven shipping decisions

Fulfil delivery promises confidently with insights drawn from historical and real-time data based on millions of shipments.

Get insights into lead times, carrier performance & surcharges
Earn trust with predictive shipping costs
Get expert shipping advice from your dedicated CSM

Seamless post-purchase journey for your sellers, buyers, and support teams


Reduce customer care contacts by up to 50%

Are half of your customer calls WISMO related? Save an average of 5€ per inquiry with automated tracking communication.

Omnichannel updates via email, SMS, and WhatsApp
Tracking page in your marketplace’s or seller’s branding
Consolidated carrier statuses via Tracking API


Let sellers manage returns on autopilot

… while ensuring a customer-friendly process for the end-buyers. Go global with international returns. Adjust stock levels based on incoming returns.

Self-service return portal in your sellers’ branding
Return label in the box, paid returns & paperless returns
Analyze return trends to optimize future sales

Join Sendcloud-powered marketplaces

We support B2B, B2C & C2C marketplaces of all sizes and structures to grow at scale.

shipping to 33 countries with a multi-carrier approach to B2B

800% year-over-year
turnover growth

<72h delivery time for orders
across Europe

Ready to power your marketplace with shipping infrastructure and data?

Our team of marketplace integration experts is here to help you get started.

Seamless API integration and tech support
Easy onboarding of new sellers
99.99% uptime during the highest demand periods