Save minutes on every order

Save time by printing shipping labels in one click

All your orders automatically get imported in your SendCloud account, where you can easily check, adjust and print shipping labels for your orders. Shipping never was this efficient. 

Eliminate manual work and ship error free with custom automation rules

Configure rules to automatically assign the correct delivery options based on any condition you want. Our smart shipping rules have you covered.

Pick, pack and ship up to 7x faster with Pack & Go, our picking solution

Create a workflow that suits your team’s picking and packing preferences and start saving valuable time.

✔ On-screen packing slips

Instantly see which items an order contains.

✔ Print packing slips

For order picking and scan to print labels.

✔ Print picking lists

For bulk order picking.

✔ Barcode scanner support

Just scan the barcode to print shipping labels.

Automatically generate customs documents

With SendCloud,  documents for customs clearance are no longer a hassle. Automatically generate your CN22 form and commercial invoices along with your shipping label. 

Schedule pickups or drop off your packages

Depending on the carriers you use, you can choose to have packages picked up at your warehouse on a schedule time or drop them off at a parcel shop.

* Pickups only are available for stores shipping more than 100 orders/month.

Discover our powerful software


Select the best carriers and sell more by offering flexible delivery.


Save minutes of processing time with easy shipping tools.


Keep customers in the loop with branded tracking pages and mails.


Offer a smooth return process for both you and your customer.

Start saving time by automating your shipping process