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About XXL Nutrition

XXL Nutrition is the biggest sports nutrition brand in the Netherlands and Belgium, with more than 3,000 products on offer. They supply hundreds of supermarkets, 900+ sports centers, and football clubs such as PSV, FC Utrecht, and Vitesse.

XXL Nutrition products

Error-prone and hard to maintain carrier integrations

Initially, XXL Nutrition was using the PostNL and DHL plugins for Magento 2 to manage shipping labels. But with every update of any of those systems, there would be new issues resulting in warehouse confusion and undelivered parcels.

To better support the increasing demand and international expansion, they needed a more flexible and reliable way to access multiple carriers and quickly enable different shipping methods.

“Before Sendcloud, 1 in 10 labels would contain errors, resulting in undelivered packages and confusion about their intended recipients.”


Powerful shipping engine as an accelerator for growth

XXL Nutrition car
API-driven flexibility

Integrating the BizBloqs WMS and Magento 2 webshop with Sendcloud was a breeze. Just as easy as activating any of 100+ carriers—without having to maintain each individual integration. To take it further, XXL Nutrition is switching to a headless environment, which will let them easily leverage API calls to systems other than the Magento webshop.

“Our goal is to have flexible components that can be easily interchanged, giving us the freedom to replace Magento with another system while maintaining seamless functionality. Sendcloud becomes crucial in this context.”

2x more reliable processing of B2C & B2B orders

“With Sendcloud, label issues have been cut down in half. We’ve noticed a significant decrease in parcel delivery issues and fewer ‘Where Is My Order?’ customer calls.”

With 15% of their orders being B2B (and consisting of multiple packages), XXL Nutrition uses multi-collo shipping rules to automatically create the right number of shipping labels based on the package weight.

Once the orders have been processed rapidly, XXL Nutrition relies on direct injection via Sendcloud’s 4PL partner to shorten the transit times for cross-border deliveries.

XXL nutrition warehouse
XXL checkout
3% more sales with a conversion-optimized checkout

Jordy and his team continuously A/B test all elements of the checkout. This is how they decide on the threshold for free delivery or the right gift options to offer with every purchase.

After listening to the voice of customer, they introduced same-day delivery in the Netherlands. “Our customers like it because we sell products that are being used every day; it’s like getting bread or fruit at the store. When you’re out, you need it—today or tomorrow, but not next week.”

As the next step, XXL Nutrition is incorporating dynamic delivery options in the checkout. “We anticipate a 3% decrease in cart abandonments. Multiply that by our average cart value of 70€ and… that’s a lot of money.”


40% year-over-year revenue growth
and an elevated customer experience

18 months into our cooperation, XXL Nutrition is shipping 28% parcels more than before, in less time and with fewer issues. As for their customers—they no longer need to miss training days due to the lack of protein or spend time on the phone asking about their order’s whereabouts.

Future outlook:

✓ Achieve full product-market fit in Germany in under a year, with a projected month-over-month growth of 10%-20%

✓ Expand to new markets: start with a test run in Denmark using Sendcloud’s pre-negotiated carrier rates

Jordy Holthuijsen, XXL Nutrition

“I’m not a fan of working with companies that I don’t like to call. What’s really important to me is that the contact between XXL Nutrition and Sendcloud is great. It’s a big company with small company vibes.

Jordy Holthuijsen
Marketing Manager, XXL Nutrition







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