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Shipping automation for Magento 

Connect your Magento shop to Sendcloud to automate shipping and instantly access 100+ carriers across Europe.

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The best shipping plugin for Magento

Sendcloud is an easy-to-use, free plugin that merchants can use to automate shipping for their Magento store. Put manual work on autopilot for your Magento shop — print labels in just a few clicks, set up an automated return portal, send branded tracking updates, and so much more. Plus, instantly connect to 100+ carriers to ship worldwide, save on shipping rates, and tap into top local carriers in each major European market (United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy, and Spain). 

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    Print shipping labels from Magento.

    Generate and print shipping labels for all your orders in just a few clicks.

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    Multi-carrier shipping for Magento.

    Instantly connect to over 80 different carriers worldwide using Sendcloud’s pre-negotiated shipping rates, or upload your own carrier contracts and ship on your own terms.

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    Shipping automation for Magento.

    Set up your own logistics framework to put your business’s unique needs on autopilot, thanks to shipping rules.

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    Offer delivery options at checkout.

    Cut down on abandoned shopping carts by giving your customers multiple delivery options and shipping methods right at the checkout.

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    Branded tracking for Magento.

    Stay top-of-mind after every sale with automated, branded tracking messages (both SMS and email), and redirect your customers back to your brand with your own, customizable tracking page. More than one brand? No problem—add as many brands as you need to, all under Sendcloud’s umbrella.

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    Magento Return portal.

    Offer your customers the smoothest return experience possible with your own branded return portal that lets them handle returns themselves, reducing time-consuming back-and-forth. Plus, track valuable return data to optimize future sales.

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    Customs form generation.

    Going global? Automatically determine whether you need a CN22, CN23, or commercial invoice, and print the correct form right along with your labels.

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    Shipping analytics for Magento.

    Track all your data in one, centralized hub. Learn your own unique shipping and return trends to figure out where you can make the most improvements in the future.

Connect Magento and Sendcloud with DHL, DPD, and 100+ other carriers



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