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How shipping more efficiently helped
Boots increase B2C orders by 58%

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About Boots

With more than 170 years in business, Boots is one of the best-known and most trusted health and beauty chains in the UK. In 2009, Boots expanded to the Netherlands, where they now operate an online store and 60 pharmacies.


From a B2B wholesaler to a successful online store

Not having any stock of its own makes every purchase on the Dutch Boots online store a massive logistical operation. For every online order, an internal order must be placed with the wholesale
parent company.

Their greatest logistical challenge was to ship more efficiently via the warehouse that was primarily set up for large B2B orders. With more than 12,000 online store orders a month, it was vital to set up a smooth process.

However, their tracking emails were generic, while the API integration wasn’t future-proof and didn’t communicate the orders well via Magento. This meant they had to manually provide tracking information—which led to a lot of questions about where the
parcels were.

Boots decided it was time for a new solution.


Full automation to ship as quickly and efficiently as possible

More efficient order packing

Boots was processing online orders in batches of five by manually entering the information from Magento into the B2B warehouse system. Sendcloud’s Pack&Go now lets them easily scan packing lists, automatically generate corresponding shipping labels, and quickly dispatch parcels without manual mistakes.

Smart shipping rules

Previously, Boots was only able to choose the shipping method for individual orders in Magento. With Sendcloud, they can assign a different shipping method automatically when certain conditions are met—e.g. if shipping to Germany, automatically use DHL instead of PostNL.

Branded tracking for awareness boost

“We’re very pleased with the look and feel of Sendcloud. You can easily modify the tracking emails to fit your own style. Not only can you add your own logo and colors, but you can also add an Instagram post or ad banner. Multi-language support is also quite handy when sending parcels to countries like Belgium or Germany.”


Improved customer satisfaction, leading to more orders and fewer support requests

“Since we implemented Sendcloud, our customer reviews have gone up and the number of customer service questions has gone down. This is partly due to the fact that customers are now well-informed about the status of their parcel.”

Marijn Soetekouw
Online manager, Boots Nederland



My order arrived super fast!
My first order ever from Boots and I am very pleased with the speed with which my package was delivered.

Before Sendcloud

  • null
    Inefficient warehouse processes tailored for B2B
  • null
    Order data from Magento not syncing properly
  • null
    Support handling too many WISMO (Where Is My Order?) queries
  • null
    Customers leaving bad reviews

With Sendcloud

  • null
    Fully automated shipping and warehouse logistics
  • null
    Smooth API integration and instant access to 100+ European carriers
  • null
    Positive customer reviews going up, support requests going down
  • null
    58% year-over-year increase in parcels shipped


Increase in orders shipped

Improved online store rating

Reduced WISMO

Less pressure on customer support

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