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Tap into shipping data to optimize post-purchase CX

Make smarter shipping decisions with Al-driven carrier selection and delivery predictions. Automate customer service and turn even the unavoidable delivery issues into a positive experience.

Talk to an expert

Provide your customer-facing and parcel-handling departments with actionable delivery insights

Customer Support

Identify delivery issues before your customers do, so you can proactively resolve them with less stress for everyone.

up to 55% fewer WISMO calls

Operations & Logistics

Uncover hidden patterns in your shipping data, so you can maximize delivery performance and optimize costs.

€€€ saved on shipping costs


Stop breaking your own delivery promises and start building customer trust, so you can boost retention and upsells.

91% prediction accuracy


Select carriers based on data, not gut feeling

Easily compare the performance of different carriers to evaluate which carrier best suits your needs.

  • Review how carrier performance impacts your business
  • Benchmark your carrier(s) with our whole dataset
  • Select the best carriers that fit your objectives


Proactive customer support, on autopilot

Show that you as the sender are in control and solve delivery issues before the customer even notices.

  • Get an overview of all your shipments for all carriers
  • Access real-time insights into delivery issues
  • Automate customer service systems with triggers


Get tailored carrier recommendations

Recommender suggests optimal carriers based on your shipping KPIs and the type of parcels that you ship.

  • Set your shipping profile so we know what matters to you
  • Rank the carriers based on price, reliability, performance, expected customer service costs, transit times, and SLA compliance


Feed tracking data to all the right systems

Ensure that the important information about parcel shipments ends up in the right place.

  • Get instant access to 40+ existing carrier integrations
  • Retrieve tracking data in a standardized format
  • Connect to any system without changing your own setup

“Over the last year, we saw a 35% reduction in WISMO calls.
Moreover, 9 out of 10 customers say they appreciate
proactive delivery communication.”

Carel van BoetzelaerCEO - World Wide Lighting

Looking to “solve” shipping?

As a part of the Sendcloud product suite, Tracey adds the data fuel to the shipping engine. You can use it as a separate product or in combination with Sendcloud’s end-to-end shipping capabilities.