Know what, when and why with Analytics

Want to get better insights into your orders and returns? Use the Analytics dashboard to identify trends and pain points to improve your customers’ shipping journey.

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Keep track of your shipping

Gain insights into your shipping data, spot recurring peaks and adapt your workflow to them. The dashboard shows you the amount of shipments over the last 30 days and statistics per carrier, country or – if you have multiple – per shop.

Shipping analytics

Reduce your return rates

95% of customers that have a good return experience would buy again. Trust your own data to identify trends in return rates and improve your return process to let customers shop with you again, even after an order wasn’t up to their expectations.

Return analytics

Export shipping data as CSV

See the bigger picture and export your shipping and return data as an CSV file in just one click, to compare them with other data from your business. The numbers tell the tale!

CSV export


Monthly overview in your inbox

Don’t have time to investigate your shipping and return data thoroughly? We’ve got your back! Receive an overview of how you did every month, right in your mailbox.

Overview mail

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Offer a smooth return process for both you and your customer.

Get better insights into your orders and returns today. Try it now!

Get better insights into your orders and returns today. Try it now!