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Easy returns.
Happy customers.
Repeat sales.

Revolutionize Your Returns

Process all returns via the return portal, no matter how they were shipped

Create your own return rules to put tedious tasks on autopilot.

Offer free returns, paid returns, or a combination of both.

Reinforce your branding by displaying your logo and colors.

Disable returns for certain items like flowers or food.

And best of all—no coding required!

Create your own, unique logistics framework with return rules

Want to offer certain shipping methods for certain countries? Or add your own fees wherever you’d like? Return rules lets you make sure your returns run the way you want them to—automatically.

Stay connected to your customers with tracking emails

Let your customers stay up-to-date with return tracking messages—and you’ll stay top-of-mind when it’s time for their next purchase.

Offer your customers more than 700 return methods, wherever they are in the world

Revolutionize Your Returns

Analyze return trends to optimize future sales

Are certain kinds of items sent back more than others? Chart your return analytics and see how to improve your retention rate.

Take a peek at the return portal

Get a quick overview of how you and/or your customers can create return shipments—and what the next steps are after that.

See Sendcloud Academy videos

Sendcloud’s got your back with shipping, from start to finish

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Retain customers with an
easy return process.

Revolutionize Your Returns

More than 2000 five star reviews