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Deliveries make or break the customer experience. With 85% of online shoppers saying they won’t return after a bad delivery experience, meeting their expectations is crucial. So, what exactly do customers expect in 2024?

Customers’ Delivery Expectations for 2024

In 2024, customers demand quick, accurate, and transparent delivery services. Key expectations include:

  • Speed over price: 48% of shoppers choose faster delivery over saving money. The message? They’re willing to pay more for speed.
  • Personalized experience: Customers want more personalized delivery options, including flexible scheduling and a choice of drop-off spots.
  • Effective communication: Delivery updates via email, SMS, and push notifications are essential to keep customers informed and ensure parcels are delivered on the first attempt.

Consumer delivery time expectations by product categoryThe impact of bad delivery experiences in e-commerce

Bad delivery experiences can seriously hurt your business. Here’s how:

  • Increased costs: Last mile delivery makes up 53% of shipping costs. When things go wrong, costs skyrocket due to reshipping or dealing with damaged products.
  • Damaged reputation: Unhappy customers leave bad reviews, deterring potential new customers and harming your store’s good name.

Causes of bad delivery experiences

Identifying the root causes of poor delivery experiences is the first step toward lasting improvements. Common culprits include:

  • Delayed shipments: Frustration mounts when shipments are late, especially since only 4 in 5 customers get notified about delays.
  • Missed deliveries: Poor scheduling or communication leads to missed deliveries.
  • Poor packaging: Compromised packaging affects the integrity and appeal of received items.
  • Wrong order shipped: Errors in order fulfillment erode customer trust and satisfaction.

5 Tips to improve the post-purchase delivery experience

Tip 1: Invest in reliable delivery partners

Choose delivery partners based on data, not just intuition. Consider costs, package sizes, and delivery speed. Struggling to compare carriers? Invest in a specialized tool that provides real-time carrier recommendations.

Tip 2: Offer delivery options at checkout

44% of online shoppers abandon carts if their preferred delivery method isn’t available. Offer options like expedited shipping and pick-up points to cater to different customer needs.

Tip 3: Proactively resolve delivery issues

Don’t rely solely on customer support teams. Use shipping intelligence software like Sendcloud Shipping Intelligence to predict delays, estimate delivery times, and alert you to incidents automatically. This integration improves efficiency and boosts customer satisfaction.

Tip 4: Offer automated tracking updates

Integrate a reliable tracking system into your e-commerce platform. Automated updates should notify both your team and customers about order statuses. Branded, clear notifications build trust and enable quick problem-solving.

Tip 5: Monitor delivery performance closely

Regularly assess and benchmark your carriers’ performance. Ensure they meet their SLAs and your delivery standards. This helps you make smart choices for your shipping strategy and carrier partnerships.

Quote by Alex Formicola on improving CSAT and Trustpilot scores through proactive delivery communicationsEvaluate and improve delivery experiences for customer retention

Improving your delivery experience can feel overwhelming, especially when it feels out of your hands due to carrier dependency. But you’re not powerless. By choosing the right carriers, gaining insight into the shipping process, and managing customer communications, you can transform this crucial aspect of your business.

Reliable data, not just gut feeling, is key. A shipping intelligence platform like Sendcloud Shipping Intelligence provides the data and integration needed for well-informed decisions.

And the good news? Using data gets quick results. Take Rosefield Watches, for instance:

“With Shipping Intelligence, we gained control over our delivery process. By communicating delivery issues proactively, our CSAT went up by 5% and our Trustpilot score increased by 0.3 stars in six months!” – Alex Formicola, Customer Support Lead, Rosefield

Implement these five strategies with the support of a data-driven decision-making tool like Sendcloud Shipping Intelligence, and watch as you not only improve delivery experiences but also build customer loyalty. Say goodbye to financial losses and reputational damage from failed deliveries, and welcome back satisfied customers ready for more.

Serena Guerra

Serena Guerra is a Content Marketing Specialist at Sendcloud, where she combines her deep knowledge of the B2B SaaS sector with a passion for innovation. With years of experience, she creates clear and insightful resources to help online stores to take their shipping processes to the next level.

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