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In the bustling world of e-commerce, Amazon Prime EU has evolved past being just a premium delivery service, becoming a portal to a loyal customer base, amplified sales, and heightened trust for Amazon sellers across Europe. 

But as Napoleon Hill once said: “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” 

And as an Amazon Seller, securing that coveted Amazon Prime badge is no exception. 

Formerly, the ability to sell on Amazon Prime in Europe hinged on FBA or the stringent Seller Fulfilled Prime regime, marked by demanding delivery standards and shipping limitations.

But recent EU regulations have reshaped this landscape, offering fresh opportunities for all Amazon retailers to win a Prime badge. 

In this article, we unveil the core merits of Amazon Prime EU sales, illuminate routes to Prime Seller status, and share crucial strategies for obtaining and retaining the revered Prime badge.

So stay tuned to discover how to sell on Amazon Prime and accelerate your business’s journey towards excellence. 

What is Amazon Prime and what are the benefits for Amazon Sellers? 

At its core, Amazon Prime is a premium subscription service that provides over 200 million users worldwide with a convenient and unmatched shopping experience. It’s renowned for its rapid next-day delivery for shoppers.

For Amazon sellers, having the Prime badge connects you to this customer network in your country, signifying your reliability with prompt, hassle-free delivery.

By joining the Prime ecosystem, sellers will gain:

  1. The Prime badge advantage: It’s not just a badge; it’s a trust signal that sets your products apart. Research reveals that Prime-adorned products outshine the rest, becoming the top picks for shoppers.
  2. Search supremacy: Ever wished your products could shout “Look at me!” in the crowded Amazon marketplace? With Prime, your products get a megaphone. They claim higher ranks in search results, giving you that competitive edge to secure sales. 
  3. The Buy Box jackpot: Behold the Buy Box – where 82% of Amazon sales happen. While Prime isn’t the only ticket to this exclusive club, it’s like having a VIP pass, increasing your odds of snagging the top spot.
  4. Prime purchasing power: Prime members’ need for speed is real, and they won’t settle for anything less than 1-2 day shipping. By joining the Prime club, you’re not just offering products; you’re delivering an experience.
  5. The Prime profit revolution: Prime transforms casual shoppers into loyal customers, prompting them to open their wallets more frequently and ultimately elevating your sales to new heights.

How to become an Amazon Prime Seller?

So, you’ve set your sights on becoming an Amazon Prime Seller in Europe, and you’re ready to harness the selling superpower that is Amazon Prime. 

Good news: there’s more than one route to bag that coveted Prime badge. Let’s dive into the options and guide you through your journey to Prime greatness.

1. Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA): 

amazon prime fba

Imagine a world where logistics is a breeze – warehousing, packing, shipping, and even customer service are seamlessly handled by Amazon. Welcome to the realm of FBA, a one-stop solution where Amazon handles every part of your fulfilment, freeing you up to focus on your business’s core. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a global enterprise, FBA is a quick and easy option to access Prime, taking the hassle of shipping off your plate and putting it into Amazon’s capable hands. 

2. Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP):

Seller Fulfilled Prime does what it says on the tin. You – as the seller – retain control over your fulfilment and shipping while meeting a set of criteria issued by Amazon to attain the Prime status. 

It’s like having the best of both worlds – your fulfilment finesse and the Prime prestige. However, be prepared – SFP isn’t a walk in the park. A qualification period and high-performance standards are part of the deal. If you’re up for the challenge and consider yourself a fulfilment maestro, SFP could be your express ticket to Prime stardom.

Some of the most prominent requirements for Seller Fulfilled Prime include: 

  • Use Amazon Buy Shipping Services for at least 98% of orders
  • Deliver orders with Amazon’s supported Seller Fulfilled Prime carriers

Often, many retailers struggle to deliver orders using only Amazon’s SFP supported carriers, as they would prefer to work with their own choice. However, recent changes mean working with Amazon’s approved carriers isn’t the only way to attain Prime status. Let’s dive into the 3rd option to find out more.  

3: Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM):

Traditionally, FBA and SFP were the exclusive gateways to Prime glory. But hold onto your Prime membership, because the rules have changed – and for the better. 

Thanks to recent shifts in EU regulation, the Prime badge is no longer limited to the FBA or SFP elite. As of June 21st 2023, even sellers managing their own warehouses and shipping with any of their chosen carriers can claim the Prime badge

That’s right, as a seller within the EU, you’re no longer confined to Amazon-approved carriers; you can choose your own logistics strategy and still attain the Prime badge.

But before you get too excited: Just like SFP, Amazon still requires you to uphold the high standard of Prime. To gain the Prime badge, it’s essential to meet Amazon’s performance requirements with your deliveries. 

So with that being said, let’s take a look at what Amazon requires for you to gain that Prime Badge without FBA or SFP. 

Amazon Prime EU: How to get a Prime badge without FBA or SPF

Get ready to take the plunge into the world of Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM). To earn a Prime Badge through FBM, there’s of course a set criteria you must reach, and these targets can be pretty steep. 

amazon prime eu

Amazon Prime Requirements for FBM in the EU

To initially be eligible for Prime through FBM, you need to meet these qualifiers: 

  • Nationwide availability: Your product’s availability should extend nationwide, ensuring every corner of the map gets a taste of Prime goodness.
  • Free shipping: The magic words that resonate with shoppers – free shipping. It’s the irresistible incentive that makes Prime products stand out.
  • Free returns for Prime members: A promise of hassle-free returns for Prime members, ushering in a sense of confidence and convenience.

How to get a Prime badge

To unlock the Prime badge through FBM, your shipments must consistently meet the following standards:

  • Delivery promises: Each product category and storage location comes with specific delivery requirements – a promise of promptness tailored to the unique nature of your offerings.
  • On-time delivery: Timeliness is key. At least 90% of Prime orders need to reach customers by or before the promised delivery date.
  • Tracking: A seamless shopping experience demands tracking transparency. Valid tracking information for a minimum of 99% of Prime orders must be provided.
  • Cancellations: Keep cancellations in check. The rate of cancellations initiated by sellers before shipment needs to stay under 0.5%.

Keep in mind, while the road to Prime is open, there are a few restrictions based on product weight and cross-border shipping. Check for information on the requirements for each product category on the Seller Prime Programs. 

Amazon Prime EU: Top tips to get an Amazon Prime badge

Earning the esteemed Amazon Prime badge isn’t just a one-time triumph – it’s an ongoing commitment to excellence that demands precision, strategy, and dedication

Here, we unveil a playbook to not only secure that coveted badge but also keep it gleaming as a beacon of Prime distinction.

amazon prime logistics strategy

1. Harness reliable carriers

Picture this: your products travelling from your warehouse to customers’ doorsteps, seamlessly and punctually. This requires the orchestration of reliable carriers. By meticulously analysing carrier performance data, you’ll unveil the true champions who ensure on-time, hassle-free deliveries. Embrace advanced technology to anticipate hiccups and steer around potential delays. The mandate is clear: ensure Prime orders arrive punctually, with at least 90% of deliveries upholding this promise.

2. Ensure faultless tracking 

As the backbone of Prime success, tracking reigns as a melodic note of reassurance. Valid tracking information must be provided for a minimum of 99% of Prime orders, ensuring customers stay in the loop. By optimising your order tracking, you enhance the customer experience, transforming mere parcels into meticulously monitored journeys.

Make sure to check out our article on “The Best 10 Strategies to Optimise Order Tracking” to boost your tracking experience to Prime quality.   

3. Master efficient order processing

Efficiency will become your guiding star on the path to Prime supremacy. Meeting delivery promises, surpassing that 90% threshold for punctual deliveries – it all hinges on streamlined fulfilment. 

Centralised order processing, smart shipping rules, and automation harmonise to orchestrate flawless and – most importantly – fast order dispatches. Remember, Prime doesn’t rest on weekends or holidays, and neither should your fulfilment strategy. Staffing numbers must align with this demand, ensuring unwavering consistency

If you don’t know where to start with improving your order management and automation, check out our complete guide to “5 Practices to Increase Efficiency with Order Management”.

4. Ensure real-time inventory management

Winning the Buy Box is exhilarating, but it ushers in a surge of orders that your inventory must accommodate. The Prime badge demands preparation, not just for the influx, but for maintaining a cancellation rate below 0.5%. 

Real-time inventory tracking isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity to prevent selling stock you don’t possess. In the world of Prime, speed and accuracy go hand in hand.

5. Process returns seamlessly

Returns – a universal challenge – take centre stage with Prime, because offering free returns is a non-negotiable requirement. 

Navigate the complexities of returns by establishing a structured process, negotiating optimal return rates from the best carrier services, and ensuring a swift and efficient process for handling incoming returns. 

If this is out of your scope, then consider utilising local third-party solutions to keep your returns management running smoothly.

Want to read about the latest in Returns Management in the industry? Check out our article covering “The State of E-commerce Returns”.  

Final Thoughts: Becoming an Amazon Prime Seller in the EU

Although a steep price, achieving Amazon Prime status in Europe can have huge benefits as an Amazon seller, and will undoubtedly help to boost your sales exponentially. 

But as your Amazon Prime journey unfolds, remember: getting the Prime badge is just the start, keeping it is where true excellence shines. And despite recent EU changes levelling the playing field and granting all sellers a shot at Prime and the Buy Box, gaining and keeping the badge is far from easy.

Your task is not only to secure the badge but to continually raise the bar. This means investing in top-notch logistics for demanding Prime customers. Amazon won’t tolerate shortcomings, whether through Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) or Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM).

Working with reliable carriers, perfecting your tracking, streamlining your fulfilment, controlling inventory, and acing returns: These steps don’t just get you the badge, but they turn it into a symbol of distinction.