Are you using your Shopify shop system? You are not alone. This is a favourite among online shops. That is why there are various apps (also called plugins or extensions) designed to optimise your online shop quickly and easily. There are (free) apps available for different purposes, but of course you don’t have to install them all. What are best free plugins currently available? We have listed the 10 best free Shopify Apps for your online shop.

Before you get started with Shopify Apps

Before we delve deeper into the 10 best free Shopify plugins for your online shop, we want to share something with you. In principle, apps are important for operating your online shop properly. There is, however, a risk that you may be using them too much which will slow down your online shop. Also be aware that not all apps are secure and that they may not work together very well. It is therefore important to do a back-up, before testing a new app. If something were to go wrong, then you can always revert to your back-up.

It is also a good idea to have extensions rated before you use them. And we also recommend reading reviews by other people. To make your life easier, we have done some research into the must have free Shopify apps. As part of the optimisation tips that we share on our blog, we decided to list the 10 best free Shopify store plugins from the Shopify App Store for your online shop! We have split them up into different groups, but they are not in any particular order.

The best Shopify Apps for e-commerce

Google Shopping: Easy online shopping

An important part of an online shop is sales, without which there can be no revenue. Google shopping is becoming more and more popular. You are familiar with the tab on Google which gives you a product overview from different online shops when searching for a particular product. Thanks to this app you can easily link your online shop to the Google Merchant Center. This allows you to synchronise all or certain products with Google Shopping. An automatic API ensures that your list stays up-to-date. If you combine this with Google AdWords, your products will become more visible in Google!

Google shopping

Digital Downloads: Not physically but digitally

Do you sell downloads in addition to physical products? Then Digital downloads is a good recommendation. With this extension you can even combine a physical product with a download. This can be useful if you are shipping posters, for example, but also want to sell them as downloads. After completing the order, the customer can download the file immediately. The customer receives the download immediately by email. Do you want to offer a product online with a maximum? This is also possible. You can specify a download limit, which makes the product extra special.

Digital downloads

The best Shopify Apps for Social Media

Kit: Advertising on Social Media 

In addition to Google Shopping, various social media channels are also indispensable. Facebook and Instagram still have a large number of followers. And now you can advertise on both channels, so you can reach the right target group better. With the help of the Kit app you can easily insert Facebook and Instagram ads yourself. Thanks to Kit you can also track them, so that you can see what works or does not work for your target group. Through retargeting advertisements you can remind potential buyers of your product if they have been to your product page.

Advertising on social media

Social Media stream: Your feed on your website

Do you spend a lot of time on social media and would you also like to use this on your site? Then you should consider the Social media stream. With this plugin you can display the content of for example Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube or Instagram on your website. Because followers can see your content in this way, instead of just a follow button, you get more followers. This plugin refreshes often, so the content on your site always matches the content on social media which is ideal.

Social media stream

5Yotpo: Sharing is caring

If you want to go bigger than just product reviews, the Yotpo Shopify app is the app for you. This is basically a free extension, but some features can only be used if you pay for them. Whereas the previous plugin only lets you receive reviews on your website, Yotpo lets you integrate your social media channels too. And this is how it works: sharing is caring! With this plugin you generate more conversion in the form of reviews, photos and questions from customers. This increases your involvement with these (potential) customers.

Sharing is caring

The best Shopify Apps for behind the scenes

Plug in SEO: Essential findability in Google

A very popular app in Shopify is Plug in SEO. There is a good reason for this as SEO (also called Search Engine Optimisation) is extremely important. This plugin checks your page titles, meta description, site speed, the structure of the pages and more. After an extensive check you will see whether there are points for improvement and how you can tackle them yourself. This is also essentially a free app, but you have to pay if you want more features.

SEO Shopify plugin

Order printer: Save time and effort when it comes to printing

Can you no longer see your printer because of all the orders?? With Order printer you can easily create templates for orders, but also for example for invoices and stickers. The plugin allows you to print individually or in bulk. Knowledge of HTML is useful with this app, but it is certainly not a requirement. The app is easy to use, but for complex designs you will need help. It really depends on what you want to print.

Sendcloud: Automatic shipping and returns 

If your orders are piling up, you will have a lot of shipping to do. This can often be the most time-consuming and expensive job. Because we know this better than anyone, we have developed Sendcloud with a free app for your Shopify store. Thanks to this extension you can easily link your online shop to carriers such as DHL, PostNL, DPD, UPS and even Same Day Delivery. This allows you to offer multiple shipping options, thereby automatically generating shipping labels, track & trace notifications and possible returns. And because Sendcloud collectively purchases from carriers, you can send packages at a much more competitive price. This allows you to fully automate the shipping and return process.

Automatic shipping and returns 

What are your favourite Shopify Apps?

There are so many Shopify apps to choose from. As we mentioned above, it is not a good idea to install all possible apps. Select those apps that make operating an online shop easier and more efficient for you. It is of course possible that we did not mention an app that you love. Please share this app with us and other Shopify users, we look forward to your response!

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