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Abandoned cart email strategy – Your e-commerce site is your storefront, while the abandoned carts refer to the items that your customers put back and pick up. These abandoned carts can hike your cost per acquisition and hurt your revenue.

Generally, the abandoned carts undermine the things you have done to grow your loyal customers and maintain your shop. However, it’s vital to keep the abandonment rates to a minimum.

One way to keep abandonment rates to a minimum is by using an abandoned cart email strategy. These emails are the most preferred because 50 percent of the customers who click end up purchasing your items. Besides this, 45 percent of these emails get opened while customers click on 21 percent of these abandonment emails.

But note that optimizing your abandoned cart email strategy needs you to focus on various things. Here, you have to create a persuasive and relevant abandoned cart email strategy and design it well.

But how can you optimize your abandoned cart email strategy? Worry no more!

In this in-depth post, we’ll cover ten ways to optimize your abandoned cart email strategy.

Let’s get started!

Optimizing Your Abandoned Cart Email Strategy

1.  Create Engaging Subject Lines

cart abandonment email subjectGive the email subject line more attention since it’s the first part your customer sees. The subject line is a critical element of the abandoned cart email, meaning it needs to attract your customer’s attention. Also, ensure that the subject line sparks enough interest to make the customers open the email.

Always focus on creating a precise and clear email subject line. Research shows that specific email headlines have higher open rates than vague and clever email subject lines. The line connecting catchy and articulate is a thin one but easy to achieve.

Include things like discounts, an intriguing question, a quirky thing, promotions, or something humorous in your abandoned cart email subject line. Here, you can use A/B testing to identify the best email subject line capable of generating higher open rates.

2. Create An Eye-Popping Abandoned Cart Email Template

cart abandonment templateNote that website design plays a critical role in e-commerce businesses. With a user-friendly UI, you stand in a better position to drive conversion rates and increase your products’ visibility.

The abandoned cart email template can also influence the conversion rates you drive and your products’ visibility. A beautifully created abandoned cart email template can help you to re-engage and squeeze your potential audience through the check-out process.

Also, feel free to jazz up the remarketing emails with pictures. Consider using compelling visuals to make the abandoned cart emails alive. Besides this, clear visuals remind the cart abandoners about their product (s) in the e-commerce shopping cart.

3. Offer Incentives In Your Abandoned Cart Email

Each individual loves bonuses, free shipping, freebies, loyalty programs, gifts, and more things. Therefore, it’s vital to use these things in the abandoned cart emails to optimize your abandoned cart email strategy.

Consider shipping the cart abandoners’ items for free or offering a discount coupon because high item price is one reason customers abandon their carts. Incentives can enhance your sales potential and improve your customers’ loyalty to your brand.

Note that offering a discount code in all cart abandonment emails has fewer risks. When you provide your website users with deep discounts, you risk attracting several price-sensitive customers.

Besides this, when you toss a similar discount to each cart abandoner, you ”coach” the shoppers to leave products in the shopping carts and wait silently for your discount coupons.

Also, when you offer free returns or free shipping as an abandoned cart strategy, you increase the chances of hurting the total sales numbers. However, this is a small risk.

A 10% discount can help you recover a significant percentage of the abandoned carts. Therefore, prioritize to remain smart while offering discounts.

4. Be Specific

A customer can forget that they visited an online store, selected some items, but never completed the transaction. Some customers can find themselves in this state after enjoying a few glasses of wine. For this reason, you need to create effective abandoned cart emails to remind the customer about the items in their cart. 

Reminding the customers about the items they left in their carts works since it harnesses the personalization power. Also, you understand the crucial role played by effective personalized emails. 

An email with a personalized subject line has 26 percent more chances of being opened compared to a generic email. Besides this, personalized emails have more chances of delivering five to eight times the return on investment on marketing spend. 

Moreover, a personalized email reminds the customers that they will miss something big if they don’t act. 

5. Include Contact Information

Ensure that the abandoned cart emails give information on how the customers can access you besides the live chat option. By doing this, you’ll make it easy for the customer to contact you whenever they have questions. 

Don’t underestimate this post. Answering the customer questions may be the way to winning the customers, making them complete their transactions. 

Research shows that around 28 percent of customers don’t click the ‘buy’ option because they think the transaction process is too complicated or too long. Note that customers don’t like long or confusing transaction processes. 

Besides this, filling unnecessary forms can frustrate the customers and discourage them from completing the transaction process. So, how can you solve these issues using the abandoned cart emails? 

Apart from minimizing the forms that customers need to fill, you also need to provide a reliable method that customers can use to contact you. Through this, you’ll make it easy for customers to update you about the issues they face while on your site. 

Viewing and testing the pages from time to time does not mean that customers will not encounter any issues. You may miss something crucial, and therefore, a live chat option can make it easy for the customers to update you about these issues. 

Therefore, providing contact information in your abandoned cart emails is vital. Customers are likely to go back and complete their transactions, knowing how they can access you quickly.

6.  Clear Summary Of What’s In The Cart

Always remind the customers about the products they were to purchase. Therefore, these products should appear in the emails’ center and front section. Also, remember to include the information needed by the customers, such as product size, delivery cost, and product price.

Images play a critical role in providing the customers with a quick reminder. Providing a powerful visual cue is vital because the customers may have abandoned several other baskets.

The product display is another crucial thing you need to consider. Some customers may add several products to the shopping carts. In this case, you can’t display all the products because too much choice and lengthy emails can create problems.

Instead, consider limiting the carts to restrict the items you display automatically. Through this, you’ll avoid overloading your customers with several options.

7. Utilize Dynamic Content

Remarketing emails using dynamic content can help ensure visuals and copy remain updated and optimized for each customer.

With the dynamic content, you’ll find it easy to reposition the data and visuals as per customer’s location and the products they want.

Besides this, dynamic content makes it easy to update the email design and information as per the devices used by the customers.

Also, with dynamic content, you can show the shoppers live information, like pricing using data and content. Moreover, this type of content makes it easy to utilize real-time results to ensure you use only the highest converting pictures.

Finally, with dynamic content, you can display the latest trends like stock levels or product popularity.

8. Include Social Proof In Your Abandoned Cart Emails

cart abandonment social proofYou’re likely to influence 84 percent of your shoppers with reviews and ratings. Therefore, including social proof in the cart abandonment emails can increase the chances of generating more sales.

Consider including the product reviews in the abandoned cart emails if the product the shopper abandoned has reviews. If the product does not have ratings, then you can include customers’ testimonials and more comments relating to the products you offer.

9. Create Mobile-Friendly Emails

mobile friendly email marketing

Currently, most people open emails with their mobiles because of the rise of smartphones. Therefore, it’s vital to optimize the emails for mobile.

Generally, aim to deliver an exceptional user experience for the customers who use their smartphones to open the abandoned cart emails.

Research shows that customers are likely to delete any email within three seconds if it’s not mobile-friendly. Therefore, focus on creating mobile-friendly abandoned cart emails if you don’t want to lose your potential customers.

To create a mobile-friendly email, use the single column to create a responsive design. Also, ensure that the call-to-action and primary content appear in the front for easy navigation.

Besides this, ensure your call-to-action button follows the scroll for an excellent recovery rate. Also, utilize mobile-optimized graphics and photos that load quickly.

10. Add A Questionnaire

Do you know the reason why shoppers abandon carts? How can you tell the reason that made shoppers abandon carts? Worry no more!

Adding a questionnaire is one way through which you can know why the shoppers abandoned carts. From that questionnaire, you may realize the one thing that always makes the customers do so.

With these answers, it will become easy to enhance the customers’ experiences and generate more sales and leads.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to stop misusing your hard-earned dollars and time. Put all the above tips into practice to optimize your abandoned cart email strategy. If you optimize your abandoned cart email strategy, more shoppers will complete the checkout process.

About the author
rithesh raghavan profileRithesh Raghavan is the Director at Acodez, a Digital Agency in India. Having a rich experience of 15+ years in Digital Marketing, Rithesh loves to write up his thoughts on the latest trends and developments in the world of IT and software development. 

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