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Prestashop is one of the most powerful, dynamic, and international e-commerce platforms. And if there is something that characterizes it, it is the large number of addons it offers to complete your online store. In this article, we will share the best PrestaShop addons (or PrestaShop modules) with you.

Thanks to these modules, you will be able to automate specific processes and maximize your revenue. Also, they offer specialized modules that will help you with particular fields such as web positioning, analysis, or logistics without being an expert in the field.

Prestashop is an official partner of Sendcloud and many of our customers use the open source e-commerce platform. During the past years we have gained a lot of knowledge regarding the possibilities on how to optimize your online store with Prestashop. 

So.. let’s share our knowledge and start with the list of PrestaShop addons!

PrestaShop Addons: index by category

The list of PrestaShop modules is long and rapidly growing. That’s why we have selected and organized the most used Addons by online sellers in Europe and classified them into categories.

However, if you don’t yet have a store on PrestaShop, we invite you to take a look at the different e-commerce platforms available, so you can safely choose the best one for your needs.

Back to us, below, you can find our organized list of Prestashop Addons. You can click directly on the category you are most interested in or browse them all to discover all PrestaShop modules:

Prestashop Addons to increase your store traffic

One of the most essential points if you have an online store is to give it visibility on the internet. If not, how do you think customers will find your products?

 You can start studying marketing if that’s your passion. Still, suppose you want to know how to optimize your ads or give your store more visibility on Google. In that case, you can install PrestaShop addons that specialize in providing you more visibility on the Internet. 

 They are intuitive and easy to use and will help you increase user traffic in your online store.

1. Google Shopping: export products from Prestashop catalog to Google Merchant Center

Creating an ad in Google Shopping with a single click is possible and, above all, highly recommended. This Prestashop addon allows you to automatize the shipping of your products on Google Shopping. Do not waste more time creating your campaigns on your Google account.

It’s straightforward: your products will synchronize with a single click, significantly increasing traffic to your store and, therefore, your sales. Depending on your geographical location and the filters used (new, discount, price, category, colors, etc.), users will be able to access your online store directly, ensuring more traffic.

However, pay attention to the expenses related to the product name, as they may vary depending on the number of clicks (CPC). To avoid worries, check your Google Ads account (formerly Google Adwords) and set the maximum campaign budget.

Prestashop Google Shopping

2. Pixel Plus Module: Conversions and Events + Pixel Catalogue

The setup of Pixel and your product catalog for Facebook and Instagram sales can be really complicated, especially if you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge. 

This is where the module for Prestashop Pixel plus comes to your aid. In particular, this addon will help you to monitor all the main events managed by the Facebook Business Manager (PageView, ViewContent, AddToCart, AddToWishlist, ViewCategory, InitiateCheckout, Complete Registration, and Purchase). Not only can you create custom events based on your product catalog (and use it to tag your products on Instagram), but you can also use advanced remarketing by creating dynamic ads on users who visit your product pages and do not convert.

A really powerful tool to increase your sales and create “customized” ads for your potential customers.

Prestashop addon pixel plus

3. Google Dynamic Remarketing Module

This is one of the PrestaShop addons that allows online salespeople to place ads aimed at potential customers who have already visited their online store and/or pages with specific products.

 The advantage of this module is its dynamism that integrates the flow of products. The product recommendation engine Google Ads (formerly AdWords) extracts the products. It identifies the best combination of products for each ad, based on their popularity and the content that the user has displayed on your page.

By combining this module with Google Merchant Center, you can create campaigns targeted to specific objectives and increase your conversion rate and sales.

Google dynamic remarketing module

4. Prestashop Addon: SEO Expert Module – Indexing

Optimizing your store’s SEO is one of the most profitable long-term strategies to increase traffic with little expense. The plugin packages developed by PrestaShop to improve SEO will help you optimize all your pages’ descriptions, titles, and images.

SEO strategies are currently complicated, but they will allow you to increase traffic and get more recognition from Google.

The closer you bring your Trust Flow to your Citation Flow, the better your Google ranking will be. On the Google Search Console, you can see the number of impressions and clicks, as well as the positioning of your pages. 

The advantage of these PrestaShop addons is that you don’t need to be an expert in the field:

With SEO Expert, you can automatically compile tags for ranking in both search engines and social networks.

With this PrestaShop SEO module, users can find your store with ease, translating into much more visibility and potential new customers.

Having a SEO strategy is a sure bet for the long term.

SEO Expert module prestashop

5. Prestashop Addon: Amazon Marketplace

Do you want to improve your sales without wasting time? Automatically import your products to the world’s most popular online sales portal: Amazon. 

This PrestaShop module will allow you to import your products on Amazon in a straightforward way. Moreover, it integrates the use of different languages, and with it, you can sell your products in Amazon Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and much more!

The goal is to advertise your brand because it is not precisely in the world’s biggest sales portal, where you will earn the most money. However, it can be a great tool to improve the visibility of your products internationally.

Other benefits offered by this PrestaShop module is inventory management and increased customer satisfaction.

If you are also interested in Amazon, you can read this article about selling on Amazon.

Amazon market place prestashop

6. Doofinder – Advanced Search & Filters module

This Prestashop module helps e-commerce increase sales by up to 20% thanks to its advanced algorithm. Doofinder is the intelligent search engine that understands and adapts to customer behavior, reducing the “no result” rate to less than 1% by facilitating search with relevant and fully customized results. Features include auto-completion, spelling correction, voice search and real-time statistics, so customers can not only search your site more easily, but also receive results based on their behavior. Doofinder can be installed in less than 5 minutes on the Prestashop platform, no programming is required and if you want to try it out in your online shop, you can take the 30-day free trial.

Doofinder Prestashop addon

Prestashop Addons to analyze store statistics

Another positive point that PrestaShop has is the variety of statistics and data analysis modules. This is essential if you have an online store.

You need to know your customers, where they come from, what they buy, your average receipt, etc. In this way, in addition to satisfying the customer you are addressing, you will be able to customize your marketing strategies, shipping, and even returns.

 The best way to profit from your store is to know your consumer.

7. Prestashop Addon: Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Synchronize your online store with the advanced e-commerce features of Google Analytics. With this addon from PrestaShop, analyzing your online store’s traffic and sales will become a piece of cake.

It will also allow you to automatically create retargeting campaigns with Google Adwords, which is very useful for directing your ads to increase conversions.

prestashop addon premium google analytics enhanced ecommerce

8. Advanced Product Statistics Module (Analytics & Tips)

This module, developed by PrestaShop, and integrated directly into the back office, will provide you with all the critical information and data about your products in the blink of an eye.

Another exciting aspect of this module is that it will suggest ideas for optimizing pages and improving sales. Take a look at it as soon as possible.

Prestashop addon Advanced Product Statistics

Prestashop Addons to customize your page

Web positioning or having a view of the analysis is not everything. Another important (and I would say essential) aspect is how your online store looks like. As it is often said, “the eye wants its part too.” And as much as your store can be optimized at best, if it looks old-fashioned or does not show the product in an interactive form, it will be challenging to get customers. 

But to do this, PrestaShop has several modules with which you can integrate videos, show your products in more attractive ways, and customize your e-commerce menu.

Take a look at these PrestaShop addons!

9. Prestashop Addon: Product videos – YouTube, Vimeo…

This PrestaShop module is simple and practical at the same time. It will allow you to include Youtube or Vimeo videos directly in the product description that appears in your online store.

Don’t settle for simple images: switch to videos and optimize the conversion rate. You can decide in which part of the page you want the video to appear. 

The advantage of this PrestaShop module is that it is multi-video, multi-lingual, and multilingual, ideal for any site.

You can also use the video as the foreground image of your product. Great to give users a complete view of your products!

Don’t forget that nowadays we consume more content in video format than image.

Prestashop addon product videos

10. Advanced Top Menu Module – Responsive

Does your page have more product categories? Then this module in PrestaShop addon is designed for you.

Add images and fully customize the menu of your online store. Improving the user experience is a key step in building customer loyalty and increasing sales.

You can also highlight categories, such as products on sale and that you need to get rid of somehow. 

Also, one of its advantages is responsive design. Increasingly, traffic and conversions come more from mobile devices than from your computer. This module is essential in your online store.

Advanced top menu module

11. Creative Slider Module – Responsive Slideshow

Make your products appear more dynamically on your product pages. This PrestaShop module will allow you to replace product images with a presentation of images. This means that your product images will be shown in succession, advancing automatically.

You can configure image galleries of your products, slider content, and slideshows with special effects.

It is easy to manage and is suitable for SEO positioning (so you can combine it with the module seen previously in this blog).

In addition, this slider has an adaptable design that is correctly displayed on mobile devices.

Prestashop checkout 2.0

Prestashop Addons for easy payment and checkout

Obviously, at checkout, the fewer steps there are, and the simpler the process, the better the user experience. This is something to consider if you want them back in your online store. 

These PrestaShop add-ons will help you set up that experience in the checkout process.

12. Official PayPal Module

This Prestashop module includes the “Instant payment by Paypal” button on the product page and the shopping cart page.

Simplify your customers’ purchasing process and reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate with this easy to integrate button.

Imagine a user is viewing your online store and sees a product they love. That person knows that he or she has to add it to the shopping cart and eventually register, that a verification email arrives;… This would be really ideal for you, but maybe not for that user.

With this Prestashop module, you skip these steps and go directly to the payment and shipping address. Isn’t it great?

Official Paypal module

13. PrestaShop Addon: Checkout 2.0

Recently launched, the Prestashop Checkout module is the result of a partnership between Prestashop itself and Paypal.

Thanks to this addon, you will be able to manage all the payment systems of your store simultaneously, including the different local providers. Currently, supported countries are France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, United States, Luxembourg, Denmark, Greece, the Czech Republic, and Portugal.

One of the most popular features of this Prestashop module is Express Checkout, thanks to which you can insert a quick purchase button on the product cards or on the order page, decreasing the clicks needed to complete the purchase and increasing the conversions of your store.

Prestashop checkout 2.0

14. Klarna official checkout module

What about those users who would love to shop today, but pay later? Klarna Checkout is a complete online checkout solution designed to increase sales and customer loyalty, including Pay now, Pay later, and Financing options. 

Offer Klarna Checkout for a seamless, mobile-optimised solution, requiring minimum input from your customers. By investing in a checkout solution that is always kept up to date – with the customer experience in mind – you’ll get more customers who will buy more and do it more often.
Your customers can choose to:
Pay later in full is a deferred payment that gives shoppers an extra 14 days or more to try before they buy.
Pay later in instalments (UK) lets you split your payment into three smaller, interest-free amounts. Shoppers have the power to spread the cost using debit instead of credit. Now they can buy what they want without the fear of debt. Good news for them, great news for your business.
Financing offers long-term, monthly payments to make larger purchases possible for your customers.
Pay now lets you pay upfront with your card or bank account.
Klarna checkout prestashop

Prestashop Addons to improve logistics and shipping

We have already talked about all those PrestaShop addons marketing oriented, statistics, payments… But the shipments? How is it possible to manage shipments in an automated way, leaving you time for your store?

Take a look at these three PrestaShop add-ons! Essential for automated logistics and a shipping strategy that leads to increased conversions.

15. Sendcloud Shipping Addon: manage in one click the shipping of your orders

Sendcloud can simplify order processing and shipping by integrating your sales on PrestaShop with the best carriers in your country. Shipment management requires many manual tasks, especially when it comes to filling out waybills by hand and bouncing from one courier site to another.

With Sendcloud, you can connect your PrestaShop store and optimize both shipping and parcel delivery processes in one click.

  • Import all your orders in a few clicks.
  • Import your shipping labels and print them directly from Sendcloud.
  • You can also connect multiple online stores. No matter if you are selling on Amazon or selling on Etsy in addition to Prestashop, you can connect them all together on the same platform. This way, you have control of all your stores in one panel.
  • Get in touch with 25 national and international couriers.
  • Automate package tracking notifications by adding your store’s logo and colors.
  • Create a portal to manage package returns easily and without the “pain,” they entail.
  • Access the analysis of your shipments and optimize the shipping and return process based on real data.

Sendcloud panel

Download the Sendcloud addon directly from the Prestashop app store.

Sendcloud module

16. Prestashop Addon: Dropshipping – Bigbuy

If you do not want to store and prepare your orders on your own, we recommend dropshipping. With this business model, you don’t need to invest in stocks; you don’t need to have a warehouse or process your orders yourself; shipments are made directly to the end customer.

BigBuy is one of the most important wholesalers in Europe. This PrestaShop module connects directly to BigBuy’s warehouses. In addition, from the moment someone purchases in your store on PrestaShop, BigBuy will receive the order and send the package for you and with your logo.

Bigbuy module

17. Prestashop Addon: Product Out of Stock

Wouldn’t it be nice if you run out of stock every time your customers could reserve them somehow or be informed when you restock them? This is your PrestaShop module. 

Instead of showing a simple message informing you that the product is out of stock, this PrestaShop addon allows you to include a custom button that records the user’s email. The customer will automatically receive an email when the product is available again.

It has two advantages: consumers do not feel frustrated, as they will receive the desired product in person, and you can keep track of email addresses to expand your database.

Products out of stock

Prestashop Addons to improve customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction often lies in the small details. That’s why these three PrestaShop modules will help you keep them happy.

18. Prestashop Addon: Abandoned cart serial reminders

Are there many customers who fill the cart in your online store but do not get to buy? This PrestaShop module is just what you are looking for! 

Up to 5 email reminders will be sent automatically for the abandoned cart, which should increase your conversion rate by 15%.

These emails will be sent automatically, and you can customize them, both the content and the colors of the page. You can also automatically create discounts, adapt the language to the customer’s language, or integrate your social network links.

Abandoned cart serial reminders module

19. Prestashop Addon: Mailchimp

Surely you have heard of MailChimp is an email marketing tool. Well, now, you can integrate it into your PrestaShop store in a few clicks for free. 

With this synchronization, you can send newsletters, abandoned cart reminders, send tracking notifications, create forms, show product recommendations, expand your audience through Facebook campaigns on MailChimp, and much more. 

You can set up all notifications from Mailchimp. More than 15 million people rely on MailChimp to create email campaigns. Plus, you always have access to analysis where you can see your campaigns’ performance and optimize them.

Mailchimp module

20. ActiveCampaign Module

ActiveCampaign is an email and notification automation software that finds more and more space among Ecommerce sellers, including like you, those who have a store on PrestaShop.

Thanks to this addon for Prestashop, you can create automatic email sequences with an easy-to-use interface. We recommend it if you want to create automated email sequences to “keep in touch” with your customer base or retrieve abandoned shopping carts from your store.

ActiveCampaign module

21. Advanced Loyalty Program / Loyalty Points Module

If you are looking for a PrestaShop add-on to reward your most loyal customers, read on.

This module allows you to create a loyalty program in your online store in just a few clicks. Your customers will earn points as a reward for their loyalty, which you can convert into purchase coupons.

You can personally determine the specific conditions of the loyalty program and delete or modify these points.

Gamification is a good sales strategy; by creating a game or points dynamic, you can increase your conversions. So don’t miss the opportunity to get more sales with this PrestaShop addon.

Advanced Loyalty program: loyalty points module prestashop

22. Prestashop Addon: MailUp

MailUp is a pioneer in email marketing solutions in eCommerce. MailUp is a solution that allows you to:

  • automatically synchronize your customer and order data from Prestashop;
  • segment your email lists according to your customers’ behavior;
  • send newsletters and automatic email flows to your customers

A solution to be taken into consideration for your email marketing.

Mailup prestashop

PrestaShop Addons for B2B sales

23. Quote Request Form from Cart

Do you want to sell your products to professional workers? This PrestaShop module allows you to create budgets from your online store back-office easily. 

You can also customize your budget with your own message. The total cost of the products and VAT is calculated automatically, and you can choose the courier according to the rate and/or weight of the package.

This module is indispensable when your online store user is not the same person who decided to make the purchase.

PrestaShop Addons for GDPR and your store security

An unprotected or unsafe store can result in a loss of sales. You need to give your customers the security they deserve, and you shouldn’t skimp on that. A misstep (data theft, account number…) can generate a bad reputation and bring down your e-commerce.

24. Prestashop Addons: Protect my shop

Having a secure online store transmits confidence to the customer when making a purchase.

With this PrestaShop add-on, you’ll make sure your site is secure, accessible to everyone, prevent theft of your customer data from third parties, avoid order payment detour, and much more.

Keep in mind that an unsafe store leads to loss of customers and sales. Therefore, ensuring the security of your e-commerce to your customers is critical.

Protect my shop module

25. Prestashop Addons: GDPR Compliance

The management of privacy and sensitive customer data is becoming increasingly important online. If you still haven’t found a definitive solution to the problem, this is the module for you.

The GDPR Compliance Addon is the official module developed by PrestaShop’s team to help online sellers in the process of complying with current European data processing regulations. The module meets the main legal requirements of:

Access to personal data and portability

Rectification and/or cancellation of your data

Revocation of consent at the request of the person concerned

  • access to personal data and portability;
  • rectification and deletion of customer’s personal data
  • Revocation of consent at the request of the customer

A solution certainly to be considered for a topic, that of data processing, which is becoming increasingly hot.

26. Prestashop Addons: Cookie GDPR

As in the previous case, this Prestashop Addon helps you to manage and adapt your store to current regulations regarding privacy and tracking of user navigation data on your eCommerce (via cookies).

This Prestashop Module has full compliance with the European Law on Cookies and related amendments to GDPR (25 May 2018), blocking cookies’ installation until the user gives his explicit consent.

How do I install PrestaShop Addons?

Would you like to use one of the PrestaShop addons presented here for your PrestaShop online store? To properly install one of these modules, please follow these steps:

  • Unzip the PrestaShop module file.
  • Launch your FTP software.
  • Put the folder in the PrestaShop module folder.
  • Connect to the Back Office of your online store.
  • Go to “Back Office” → “Modules.”
  • Look for the module you just added in the list view (you may need to scroll down).
  • Click on “Install” in the corresponding module.
  • Find the corresponding module again and go to “Configure.”
  • Once the installation is complete, you should try the new PrestaShop module to ensure it works properly.

What are your favorite Prestashop Addons?

There are so many addons available for Prestashop, and there is a wide choice of both paid and free add-ons. Now it’s up to you to decide which one is the best for your needs. With so many addons available, we have likely forgotten some of them. Your favorite Prestashop module is not on our list? Comment and write to us which Prestashop modules you use and which ones you prefer!

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