Tracking page

2 min

You’re probably already familiar with the concept of the tracking page—this is where your customers can go to check the most updated information and find out where their parcels are in the delivery process. This is a great way to help manage expectations for the delivery process, and prevent unnecessary questions.

With Sendcloud you can replace standard carrier tracking pages with your own branded tracking page. This is yet another great opportunity to reinforce your branding in your customer’s mind. Entice your customers to follow you on social media, or re-engage them or introduce a new offer with promotional banners. 

Setting up your branded tracking page is easy.

Just like with tracking emails, choose your brand, and your logo and colors will be set automatically, based on what you already entered in Sendcloud. Then, select a layout, choosing whether you want to show the Instagram post or the banner.

To display the Instagram post, click Authorize and log in to your Instagram account. Then, select the post you want to display and click confirm. Just make sure your post is set to public, so non-followers can see it too. Currently, slideshows and videos are not supported, so make sure it’s just a post with one single image.

For the banner, click on the photo to display the settings. Here you can upload your own image, change texts and colors, and even add a link to your website.

When you’re done, take a look at the preview to make sure everything is shown correctly and then click publish! Your branded tracking page is ready for all your customers to visit.