Add addresses and a payment method

1 min

The next step in setting up your account is adding your addresses. There are two main addresses that everyone needs to fill in: Sender address and Invoice address

The sender address is the address the shipments are sent from and the Invoice address is your billing address. This is the address Sendcloud will use when it issues your invoices.

If you want to handle returns with Sendcloud, you’ll also need a couple the return address, where customers can send their returns to. And to schedule pick-ups—the pick-up address, where carriers can pick up your parcels for delivery.

That’s it for addresses. Now, let’s talk payment methods.

Before you can ship any parcels with Sendcloud, you’ll first need to add a payment method.

To do this, first, go to Settings, and then find the Financial tab. Now, go to the Direct debit tab, and click Enable. There, you’ll be redirected to the payment provider page where you can add your payment details.