Set up your brand

1 min

Sendcloud does more than just help you ship like a pro. It’s also a marketing tool to help you grow your business. When you add your branding to your Sendcloud panel, your logo will appear in several places—like tracking emails, your tracking page, your return portal, and on your shipping labels. Having your logo so present for your customers improves brand recall and helps drive customer loyalty. 

So let’s see how to set up your first brand. 

First, go to Settings and find the Brand tab. Now click on the default brand and fill in the form with all your information.

If you own or manage more than one brand, you can add each and every one of them to Sendcloud! Then, while you’re setting up, let’s say, tracking emails, you’ll be able to adjust them separately for each brand. In the Shipping Rules video, you’ll learn how you can set up automated tracking emails for each of your other brands.