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In the world of online shopping, customer expectations are soaring higher than ever before. Online retailers must battle fiercely to provide an extraordinary experience to win each and every customer.

But more often than not, one crucial touchpoint will disrupt this smooth flow: shipping.

41% of consumers report that all it takes is a lost, delayed, or damaged order to damage their image of a brand. Surprisingly, even with this impact, a whopping 75% of shippers have experienced many of these incidents in the past two years.

So, whether you’re an independent seller or an e-commerce giant, the story remains the same: ship with fingers crossed and hope for the best. But what if we told you there’s a better way?

Imagine carrier performance benchmarking, real-time parcel monitoring, and AI-based delivery predictions that will increase your customer service efficiency AND help save on your shipping costs.

Enter Sendcloud’s newest family member: Tracey. And their secret weapon? Data.

So join us as we unveil how Tracey empowers e-commerce retailers like you to take control of your shipping and deliver exceptional experiences to your customers.

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The dangers of missing data in e-commerce logistics

Before we introduce Tracey fully, let’s take a look at how lacking shipping insights can wreak havoc on your business.

In today’s e-commerce world, customers demand real-time visibility.

Retailers who fail to keep customers informed face a storm of “Where is my order?” inquiries, accounting for up to 36% of customer service calls (DigitalGenius, 2023). And just one bad experience can drive away 60% of customers for good (Zendesk, 2022).

However, retailers often have to battle with inconsistent updates, mishaps, and infuriating delays from carriers.

And what’s worse, the necessary data to proactively relieve these problems is often scattered across systems, partners, and carriers, making it difficult to maintain a centralised overview and keep customers informed.

Without accurate shipping insights, online retailers often face:

  • Choosing carriers based on intuition, not performance data, increasing the likelihood of mistakes.
  • Struggling to understand the impact of carrier performance on cost, time, and resources.
  • Missing a comprehensive overview of shipments and real-time delivery insights.
  • Failing to provide precise delivery times or anticipate delays, leaving customers in the dark and damaging repeat purchase rates.

And this is where Tracey comes in to save the day.

Sendcloud + Tracey

Tracey: next-level shipping intelligence

Introducing Tracey, a game-changing shipping intelligence software company, established in 2019 by Huib Adriaans, Sander Hak, and Bart Michiels.

Tracey tackles shipping challenges head-on, leveraging data from 25 million shipments annually. This powerful software transforms that data into actionable insights, boosting delivery performance, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

“Most parcel shippers are fully focused on processing their orders, leaving the valuable shipping data untouched. Our shipping intelligence helps surface that value and drive the best delivery experiences with data.” – Huib Adriaans, Founder of Tracey, “

With the power of Tracey, you gain access to near real-time parcel monitoring, carrier performance benchmarking, and AI-driven delivery predictions. Make informed decisions by evaluating carrier performance for each destination and timeframe.

Sendcloud x Tracey: a match made in heaven

Sendcloud’s mission is to solve shipping globally, ensuring e-commerce businesses of all sizes can offer exceptional delivery experiences, regardless of their circumstances.

With Tracey joining the Sendcloud family, we’re one step closer to doing just that.

“Exceptional shipping experiences are the key to e-commerce success. However, achieving this at scale becomes increasingly complex when working with multiple carriers, offering flexible delivery options, and catering to customers in different countries.” – Rob van den Heuvel, Founder of Sendcloud

With the addition of Tracey, we offer the finest parcel monitoring and benchmarking solution, leveraging our immense shipping volumes to enhance accuracy and predictive delivery models. Together, we’re ready to shape the future of shipping.

How it works

As the integration between Sendcloud and Tracey commences, both companies are committed to ensuring a smooth experience for customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Tracey will be maintained by Sendcloud as an independent product.

Sooner than later, customers will benefit from the flexibility of using Tracey as a standalone product or in combination with Sendcloud’s extended offering.

Interested in finding out more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.