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Sendcloud lets you keep all your shipping data in one place—sales channels, carriers, brands, and more. All that information comes with truly fascinating and useful data that you can use to help your business grow. That’s why we created Sendcloud Analytics. 

This is where you can spot sales trends, compare performance in different channels, or find out which carriers you use most. You can analyze return data to find out which products are returned most often, and what are the most common reasons your customers make returns. All this information can give you clear insight into where you can most improve your business in the future.

Sendcloud Analytics is located right next to the Settings icon in the menu.

Here, you can easily switch between Shipping and Returns, choose the time frame you want to analyze, or filter the data by Carrier, Integrations, Destination, or Origin countries.

What’s more, some Sendcloud plans even give you the possibility to download even more detailed data in CSV format, like real shipping times that you could use to help negotiate better rates with carriers.