Return rules

3 mins

Just like Shipping Rules help you automate shipping, Return Rules are here to optimize your return process. Create your own conditions, tailored to your business, that will save you time and money.

Where can you find your Return rules? Go to Settings, and then to the Return Rules tab.

Again, this part works exactly like Shipping Rules, so we don’t need to go through every detail. Instead, let’s just look quickly at a few of the most popular rules.


  1. Set a shipping method and a fee for international returns

International shipping is more expensive, so naturally, this should be reflected in your Return Portal. With Return Rules, you can choose the shipping method that will be used for international returns, and display the international return fee clearly for your customers.

If you’re based in the Netherlands, you may want to go for a condition like: From country isn’t Netherlands. This way, the rule will be applied for all your foreign customers. Then, add the action Ship with to choose the right shipping method. Finally, set the Return fee which will then be displayed in your return portal. 

Just remember, you can only choose the option to “ship with” carriers that are already enabled in your settings.


  1. Disable returns from a specific country

If you don’t want to accept international returns or returns from outside of the EU, you can easily set this up with shipping rules.

Again, choose the condition From country isn’t Netherlands, and add the Action, Unable to return order. Now, whenever a customer from abroad wants to initiate a return, they’ll see a message informing them that it’s not possible for that parcel.


  1. Disable returns for specific products

Some products like food or flowers are just not suitable for returns. If this is the case for some of your products, we’ve got you covered. Just add the condition Item name for example contains Rose, and then the action Unable to return item. When a customer starts a return in your return portal, this particular product will be greyed out and they won’t be able to select it for the return process.