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Connect your store in less than 2 minutes to 100+ carriers with our free integration.

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Connect to 100+ carriers worldwide

Start saving time on your most frustrating process: shipping! With Sendcloud there’s no need to buy postage labels from different carriers. Connect your store in less than 2 minutes and ship with +100 carriers via our pre-negotiated rates or your own contract. Simply choose the best carriers for you and your customers and switch in just one click when a carrier is experiencing delays.

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Discover our powerful shipping software

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    Ship with various carriers

    Connect your store in less than 2 minutes to +100 carriers. No need to manually buy shipping labels.

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    Connect to multiple sales channels

    Manage all your sales channels and incoming orders in 1 platform.

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    Save minutes on every order

    Save time by picking, packing and printing shipping labels faster with our powerful software

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    Turn delivery into marketing

    Don’t settle for boring status updates that carriers provide. Create a ”wow” moment with branded tracking messages

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    Smooth & automated returns

    Retain customers with a great return experience. Allow your customers to create their own return label automatically in your branded return portal

Connect with DHL, DPD, and 100+ other carriers



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