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Ship your orders hassle-free with Verzenden via Upload your own contract and offer a premium shipping experience with Sendcloud’s shipping platform.

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About Verzenden via

Online marketplace has launched its own delivery service for orders, and it’s now available for Sendcloud. With affordable shipping rates, Verzenden via offers next-day delivery for parcels and mailbox parcels to the Netherlands and Belgium.

“48% of consumers in the Netherlands shop with In Belgium, it’s 24% of the consumers.” – Sendcloud’s E-commerce Delivery Compass



1. Connect your store in under 2 minutes

Connect your store in under 2 minutes (yup literally) with our plug-and-play integration with Print shipping labels in bulk and save up to 7 minutes per processed order.

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2. Activate Verzenden via as carrier

Enable Verzenden via in your checkout and smart shipping rules to get the most out of the ecosystem.

3. Offer a premium experience with shipping software for Verzenden via

Save Time On Every Order

With Sendcloud, you can build a custom workflow for picking, packing, and shipping, saving you time and money on every single package.

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Pick and pack smarter with Pack & Go

Whether you ship 300 parcels per month or 3,000, Pack & Go can make your picking and packing process run more smoothly.

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Build Out Your Brand

Turn your tracking page into a starting point for future sales. Customize the page to fit your brand’s look and feel, then cross-sell products, offer promo codes, and let customers follow you on Instagram.

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Know what, when and why with analytics

Want to get better insights into your orders and returns? Use the Analytics dashboard to identify trends and pain points to improve your customers’ shipping journey.

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Connect to Verzenden via with with Sendcloud’s shipping platform

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