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Forget the seasonal buzz — the real challenge for online apparel and footwear brands is managing returns in a way that’s both profitable and sustainable. That’s where Faslet and Sendcloud come in. Faslet specializes in precise sizing solutions that ensure your customers get the perfect fit right from their first purchase, while Sendcloud streamlines the entire shipping process. Together, we offer a comprehensive approach to reducing returns, boosting customer satisfaction, and increasing sustainability.

The high cost of fashion returns

When we talk about fashion returns, the conversation often revolves around logistical complexities and operational inefficiencies. However, there’s a bigger picture that often gets overlooked: the significant impact of returns on sustainability. Each returned item not only involves a complex web of shipping and restocking but also contributes to a rise in carbon emissions. Furthermore, a disturbing amount of returned merchandise often finds its way into landfills, contributing to waste and environmental degradation.

Accurate sizing with Faslet’s technology

Faslet doesn’t just guess sizes; we perfect them. Our advanced algorithms analyze various factors like height, weight, age, and fit preferences to recommend the ideal size for each customer. Not only does this contribute significantly to reducing returns and cutting down waste, but it also minimizes your brand’s carbon footprint. Plus, it streamlines the shopping experience for your customers. Whether they’re commuting on public transport or lounging on the couch while scrolling through the newest fashion items on their mobile, with Faslet customers can effortlessly shop for their perfect size on your apparel and/or footwear webshop.

Size Me Up by Faslet helps apparel and footwear websites boost conversions and reduce product returns via machine learning algorithms.

Size Me Up by Faslet helps apparel and footwear websites boost conversions and reduce product returns via machine learning algorithms.

Sendcloud’s tailored shipping solutions

It might seem odd for us to detail Sendcloud’s offerings, given that this post is on their blog. But here’s the crux: Sendcloud’s platform complements Faslet’s services perfectly. They offer tailored shipping options, real-time tracking, and online return portals — all aimed at improving the customer experience while reducing emissions. Importantly, the sooner we receive data on size-related returns through Sendcloud’s online return portal, the quicker our algorithm begins learning. This dynamic interplay between buying and returning data continuously fine-tunes our sizing recommendations, adding another layer of precision and efficiency. It’s worth noting that multi-brand webshops like De Rode Winkel, which carries labels such as Kuyichi, Lee, and Diesel, as well as single-brand shops like Roosenstein Wolke, are already leveraging the combined power of Faslet and Sendcloud to become champions of sustainability.

Year-round benefits, not just seasonal

While peak season shines a spotlight on the issue of returns, the Faslet-Sendcloud partnership aims for a lasting impact. We’re committed to helping fashion brands build a sustainable, customer-centric model that goes beyond seasonal spikes.

Key takeaways for fashion brands

Don’t just chase short-term gains; make a lasting impact. By investing in innovative technologies like Faslet and Sendcloud, you can significantly reduce returns, boost your MRR, and be a brand that stands for sustainability as well as success.

About Faslet

If you’re new to the Faslet name, let us introduce ourselves: We’re the go-to platform for sizing and fit technology in the online apparel and footwear industry. Our mission is to ensure that every Faslet user always orders the right size in one go. We aim to elevate the customer experience, boost online conversions, and provide actionable data insights. And, we’re committed to reducing returns in a way that’s aligned with sustainability. 

Robbert Hoogstraten

Robbert is the Co-Founder of Faslet, a Netherlands-based sizing platform for apparel and footwear. He oversees the business, sales, and marketing aspects of the company, with a focus on driving growth through innovative solutions and strong partnerships.

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