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KAA Gent: more than a football club

Koninklijke Athletics Associatie Gent, better known as KAA Gent, is one of the best-known football clubs in Belgium with four cup titles. KAA Gent was founded in 1900 and they have the most beautiful stadium with their proudest fans. Through the KAA Gent fan shop, they offer all the fan materials from uniforms to ballpoint pens and even bicycles. And the KAA Gent Foundation is committed to the community through various social projects and activities.


Transparent communication

KAA Gent faced two main challenges in shipping: printing labels without manual effort and offering customers an optimal shipping experience. “We want to keep shipping costs as low as possible for our customers. On top of that, we also want them to be informed of when they can expect their order.”

KAA Gent pakket

No more manual work

With the help of Sendcloud, KAA Gent has fully automated their shipping process. “The advantage of Sendcloud is that the entire shipping process can be managed from one user-friendly shipping environment. We now print the labels in our warehouse, and we don’t have to do manual work anymore.”


Fans are always informed

Thanks to Sendcloud’s automated and personalized track & trace feature, KAA Gent keeps their customers informed at all times. “In addition to offering live tracking, now we can also send branded promotions to our customers. Next to being updated on their parcel status, they now also get branded promotions. Our webshop provides a way better service and we’re no longer receive questions from our customers about their parcels.”


Growing in a digital world

In today’s digital world, it is important for KAA Gent to have a partner who can grow with them. “Sendcloud supports our digital growth and we’re shipping way faster and cheaper. In the future, we want to integrate with multiple carriers during peak periods to offer our customers an optimal experience even during busy times.”

Favourite Sendcloud Features

Generating shipping labels

Printing shipping labels is no longer a headache. KAA Gent boosts the efficiency with automatic label generation.

Personalized Tracking

With the help of Sendcloud’s track & trace emails, KAA Gent keeps their customers informed at all times.

All in one shipping environment

With Sendcloud, KAA Gent can manage its entire shipping process from one user-friendly shipping environment.

"With Sendcloud we found a partner who grows with us in the digital world."

Jonas OliebosDigital Coordinator, KAA Gent

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