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Peak Sales Shouldn’t Mean Peak Stress

You’ve got a business to manage — your day-to-day logistics should run as smooth as butter. Unify your shipping process with a solution that actually saves you time and keeps those orders rolling in.

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Supercharge your peak season shipping strategy

From flexible carriers to automated tracking, if there’s one thing we know it’s how to make the shipping process a breeze – for you and your customers.

Don’t miss our expert solutions to manage shipping delays efficiently and keep customer trust.

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Ship it. Track it. Protect it. Love it.

Streamline your shipping

  • Multi-carrier capability makes you flexible and issues fixable.
  • Automated shipping rules let you set it and forget it.
  • Customized picking and packing enables efficient and error-free order processing.
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  • Reduce customer service inquiries during peak season.
  • Real-time branded tracking shows the status of every shipment and helps you deal with delays.
  • Order tracking and SMS updates increase carrier delivery on the first attempt.
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Protect your peace of mind

  • Parcel protection that includes full cost coverage, including return and reshipping expenses.
  • Speedy 1 day claims process that won’t slow you or your business down.
  • Customer claim support – so you can let someone else deal with that.
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Hi, we’re Sendcloud!
Your help when success gets too much.

With more than 25,000 customers, 100 available carriers, and 50 plug-and-play integrations, Sendcloud is Europe’s #1 shipping platform. Partner with us to:

  • Save up to 7 min per order with shipping automation
  • Offer an exceptional customer experience with branded tracking
  • Protect your packages from €0.38 per parcel

Own your shipping with Sendcloud

Shipping never goes without a hitch. That’s why you need Sendcloud – the shipping partner that puts you back in control. Ship it. Track it. Protect it. Love it.