Does your online store regularly ship small packages (weighing up to 2 kilograms) containing lower-value items? Do you need a cost-effective way to ship multiple packages all at once? Are you interested in flexible shipping options and international shipping? If so, then it sounds like DHL GLOBALMAIL is a great option for your international e-commerce shipping needs.

In this article, we look at what DHL GLOBALMAIL is and how it can serve as a powerful tool for shipping your online store’s products to customers around the world.


dhl global mail

DHL GLOBALMAIL allows you to bulk-ship multiple small packages to international recipients. It is a joint venture powered by DHL Express and its parent company Deutsche Post, in partnership with local postal services around the world.

There are two services within DHL GLOBALMAIL, DHL GLOBALMAIL and DHL GLOBALMAIL PLUS. Both offer the same core services, with GLOBALMAIL Plus offering extra tracking, required signature, and slightly faster delivery times.

Here’s how it works:

You individually box and address all the small packages you want to ship using a Deutsche Post (DP) shipping label for each one. Then place these small packages inside of one large shipping box or bag.

Using a DHL GLOBALMAIL airway bill, you ship this large shipping box or bag directly to the Deutsche Post International Mail Centre in Frankfurt, Germany. DHL Express also offers a free pick-up with this service, meaning you just have to wait for the driver to come and collect your bulk package.

Once it arrives there, DHL Express opens the large package and then ships each of the individual packages onward to their destination countries around the world.

Upon arrival in their destination countries, the packages are carried by local postal services to their recipients’ addresses.

By shipping directly to the Deutsche Post International sorting centre during the first portion of the package’s journey, you reduce shipping times. Meanwhile, DHL Express’s partnerships with a vast network of local postal carriers save you money. Sounds pretty good, right?

DHL GLOBALMAIL also allows you to easily track the delivery status while shipping to many countries. That means you know your bulk international shipments are in reliable hands.

dhl global mailWhat are the advantages of DHL GLOBALMAIL?

DHL GLOBALMAIL is designed to give commercial bulk-shippers like you an economical way to get small, lower-cost products to paying customers around the world. That makes it a convenient, cost-effective international logistics option.

It saves you time and money as a retailer, and these benefits pass on to your customers, who in turn reward you with repeat business and referrals.

Below you’ll find out more about some of the advantages that this shipping method can offer you as an online retailer.

International delivery at a bargain price

Every online retailer knows the importance of reliable delivery. It’s more important than ever to get your products into your customers’ hands quickly, before they turn to other suppliers.

While not as fast as DHL EXPRESS service, DHL GLOBALMAIL still offers relatively fast deliveries throughout the world. Here is an indication of how quickly you can get your products delivered if you’re shipping using DHL GLOBALMAIL PLUS shipping service:

  • Shipment to Germany: 2- 4 Days
  • Shipment to the rest of Europe: 3 – 6 Days
  • Shipment to USA & Canada: 5 – 9 Days
  • Shipment to the rest of the world: 6 – 13 Days

Compared to the times listed abovethe standard DHL GLOBALMAIL delivery times (non-priority) take about 2-3 days longer for shipments to Europe, and 7-10 days longer for shipments to North America and the rest of the world.

DHL GLOBALMAIL offers great value for money, but therefore it is not the fastest solution on the market. But it does offer a low-cost bulk-shipping model that can be advantageous for all your lower value products.

Easy to ship multiple packages at once

The main advantage of DHL GLOBALMAIL for your e-commerce store is the possibility of easily bulk-shipping multiple packages, even if they are addressed to many different destination countries. You can individually package and label all your small packages for shipment, then simply combine them into one large shipping box or bag.

This mean, with just one single DHL GLOBALMAIL airway bill, you’re ready to ship all these packages at once.

Tracking available

If you’re reluctant to hand over your packages to local postal services, don’t be! If you choose to ship with DHL GLOBALMAIL PLUS, you have the option to enable tracking on your packages when shipping to over 50 countries, including the world’s most important retail markets.

You can also be compensated for up to £30.00 in case a tracked package is lost or damaged during the shipping process.

If a package fails to deliver, DHL GLOBALMAIL will return it to you.

If you are looking for an even lower-cost option, you can use DHL GLOBALMAIL to ship without tracking to more than 220 countries around the world.

This gives you a cost-effective option for shipping to virtually any country in the world. While tracking is not included in this method, you will still receive undelivered items back. And since DHL GLOBALMAIL specialises in shipping lower-value, lightweight items, your business may be willing the take the risk of shipping these without more expensive tracking options anyway.

What are the conditions for using DHL GLOBALMAIL?

To use DHL GLOBALMAIL services, your business needs to have an active account with both DHL Express and Deutsche Post. This is easily set up (see “How can I get started with DHL GLOBALMAIL” below).

Once you’ve got your accounts set up, you’re ready to start shipping via DHL Global. Just remember: there are a few conditions that apply. Below is an overview of the most important of these.

Size and weight limits

The individual packages sent in bulk via DHL GLOBALMAIL are subject to the following size and weight limits:

  • Maximum weight: 2 kg
  • Minimum dimensions: 14 cm x 9 cm
  • Maximum dimensions: Length + width + height must not exceed 90 cm
  • No dimension can exceed 60 cm
  • For rolls/tubes: Length + 2x the diameter must be no greater than 104 cm

As you can see, these are fairly small packages. But this is the main advantage of DHL Global, particularly for online retailers who specialise in smaller, lightweight merchandise, such as clothing, books and personal care products.

Remember: when shipping with DHL GLOBALMAIL Tracking service, your packages are insured at a value of up to £30.00. That means this shipping method is ideal for lower-value merchandise. If you have higher value products, consider adding additional coverage, like the Sendcloud Insurance.

Remember that each of these smaller packages must be addressed with an individual Deutsche Post (DP) shipping label before shipping it to the Deutsche Post International Mail Centre in Frankfurt, Germany.

Airway bill

Once you’ve got your individually addressed smaller packages ready to send, package them all inside a large box or shipping bag.

Based on the weight of this box or bag, you’ll create a single DHL Express airway bill. This airway bill will cover the full contents of the container for its shipment to the Deutsche Post sorting centre in Frankfurt.

Using Sendcloud, you can easily generate a DHL GLOBALMAIL airway bill to use for your bulk shipment.

This airway bill also enables you to track the status of the bulk shipment until it arrives in Frankfurt, even if you chose to ship the individual packages without tracking.

Customs documentation for international shipping

As with any international shipment, it’s still important to use the correct international shipping documents.

Your large outer box shipped to Frankfurt won’t need to clear customs, if you are shipping from within the European Union. However, each of the individual packages inside must contain the proper customs documentations based on the final destination to which they are heading. This could include a CN22 or CN23 form, a Commercial Invoice, or a Certificate of Origin.

customs documentation

How can I get started with DHL GLOBALMAIL?

DHL GLOBALMAIL could be the right shipping method to help grow your international e-commerce business. It’s easy to see why so many e-retailers are embracing the DHL GLOBALMAIL system.

For relatively low prices, you get access to virtually every postal system in the world. You also have the option to opt for faster shipping with tracking and the built-in insurance, if you prefer. 

Getting started with DHL GLOBALMAIL is also easy. Simply contact Sendcloud by reaching out to your account manager or the customer success team to help set up all the necessary contracts. We will make sure you’ve got the right DHL Express and Deutsche Post accounts to give you access to DHL GLOBALMAIL shipping options in your Sendcloud Panel.

Then, you are ready to easily create the individual shipping labels and the single airway bill that you’ll need to do a bulk shipment. After that, your global mail is ready for the global market. 

Want to know more about how Sendcloud works? Don’t hesitate to get in touch, or sign up for free now!

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