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Shipping with Evri

  • Offers shipping labels and services at a lower cost, with nationwide coverage.
  • Specialises in higher volume parcels, with 1900+ lockers to ship to across the UK.
  • Delivers to home addresses and to drop-off points, with parcel collection available for higher volumes.

Shipping with Evri C2C

  • Offers shipping labels and services at a lower cost, with nationwide coverage.
  • Specialises in businesses that don’t ship very high volumes (yet).
  • Offers the option to hand in parcels at a local parcel shop or locker in one of their 1500+ locker locations.
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I ship a lot of big parcels outside of the UK. Which carrier should I pick?

When you’re looking for a carrier that specialises in shipping large parcels outside of the UK, then you’re looking for FedEx. They even support electronic trade for a large number of countries.
Before shipping internationally, please don’t forget to check the terms and conditions of the carrier you are choosing.

I want a carrier with standard insurance. Which one should I choose?

If you want to ship your parcel with a carrier that includes insurance in the label price, you can choose DPD. DPD insures every parcel up to £100. Check out our Help Centre article before shipping with DPD, as some products are excluded from insurance.

Another carrier that provides standard insurance is UPS. When you ship your parcels with UPS, they are insured up to £60.

Additionally, you can always add Sendcloud insurance with the carrier of your choice. We have partnered with XCover to provide simple, stress-free protection for your shipment. More information regarding this insurance can be found in the following article.

I am just starting, with not a lot of volume yet, do you have any advice on which carrier to choose?

Evri C2C is a great choice for businesses with lower volumes shipping within the UK. They offer drop-off options at local parcel shops or lockers.
For pickup services with lower volumes, DHL offers recurring pickups, requiring a minimum of five parcels per pickup.

If I want to ship via lockers, which carrier can I use?

If you would like to ship parcels to a locker, you could choose to ship with Evri. Evri has over 1900 lockers located throughout the UK.
With Evri C2C, it is even possible to drop your parcel at a locker, where it can be delivered to a home address or another Evri locker. For Evri C2C, there are 1500 lockers located throughout the UK.
Inpost also provides lockers services for shipping and returns.

I would like to add a pickup to my shipping process. Which carriers offers (recurring) pickups?

You can arrange a pickup via Sendcloud with the following carriers: UPS, Fedex, Evri, Evri C2C, DPD and DHL.
UPS: Only incidental pickups, no minimum number of parcels.
Fedex: Incidental pickups or recurring ones with >10 parcels per pickup.
Evri: Recurring pickups for >150 parcels a week.
Evri C2C: Incidental pickups, no minimum number of parcels, but labels should be created with the shipping method ‘Address to *’, on which the collection will automatically be created.
DPD: Recurring pickups for >20 parcels a day.
DHL: Recurring pickups for >5 parcels a day.

What are the carriers doing, to make the shipping more sustainable?

More and more carriers are focusing on becoming more sustainable. Evri C2C offers a locker-to-home service, making the first mile more sustainable. FedEx uses bikes or electric vans in metropolitan areas, while Royal Mail provides “green” last-mile solutions through drop-off points, for example.