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Save time on your most frustrating process: shipping! Connect your online store to Sendcloud and UPS and ship more efficient with our all-in-one tool. 

UPS Connection Sendcloud

Take shipping with UPS to the next level

Our software enables you to automate your UPS shipping process behind your desk and simultaneously delight your customers with branded delivery. You don’t need much to save up to 300% of your time and increase conversion. It’s all in our platform.

Supported UPS shipping methods

Our software enables you to ship with most common UPS shipping methods available and gives you the freedom to use your own contract or ship via our prenegotiated bulk contracts.

UPS Standard

Available in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands

UPS Express Saver

Available in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands

UPS Express

Available in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands

UPS Standard to Access Point

Available in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands

Combine multiple carriers and shipping methods - Sendcloud

Ship with other carriers in addition to UPS

Why rely on one carrier when you or your customers have different shipping needs and every carrier has it’s own specialties. Activate up to 10+ international carriers and switch in one click between them.

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Easily connect your online store to UPS

Connect your online store in less than 2 minutes to UPS with one of our +25 free plugins. We support most common e-commerce systems and market places.

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