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As a content marketing specialist, Johanna writes educational and compelling content for Sendcloud. With her many years of experience in the B2B SaaS sector and as a grammar and word nerd, she refines content to help 25,000 online stores take their shipping processes to the next level.

How to localize your customer experience when selling internationally

Scaling internationally comes with many challenges for e-commerce brands, not least the need to continue making each customer’s experience feel personal and relevant. From your online store you have the…

June 20, 2024

cheaper international shipping

Cheaper International Shipping: 12 Tips to Reduce Costs

Despite helping to grow an e-commerce business, international shipping can be extremely costly and cause many complex issues. And you won’t get loyal customers by passing those fees or problems…

June 11, 2024

hs codes

Comprehensive guide to HS Codes for e-commerce businesses

Is your e-commerce business ready to expand to international shipping? Considering importing or exporting products on the global marketplace? These are all smart ways to grow your online retail business…

June 6, 2024

customs clearance globe

How to ensure smooth customs clearance for e-commerce shipments

The dreaded message from the carrier has arrived: your package has been stopped in customs clearance. This frustrating situation can often arise when shipping internationally from the EU to countries…

June 3, 2024


Incoterms 2020: An overview of everything you need to know 

Navigating the complexities of international shipping can be daunting, especially when it comes to mastering the Incoterms rules. These internationally recognized trade terms are crucial for defining the responsibilities of…

May 27, 2024

commercial invoice feature

Commercial Invoices: Everything You Need To Know

Commercial Invoices are a crucial part to international shipping, and there is no escape. There is often confusion about which documents you need to include to get your package to...

May 21, 2024

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