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Once you have your parcels ready to ship, it’s time to hand them over to carriers. You can either take them to the parcel shop yourself or save time by requesting carriers to collect them at your location. 

There are two types of pick-ups: incidental and recurring. 


  • Incidental

Incidental pickups are the ones that occur one time, arranged on a specific date, For instance, you might set this up if you have an unusually heavy parcel to ship.

To set up your incidental pickup in Sendcloud, Go to the Pickups tab and click Request a pickup. Here choose the pickup address, the carrier, and fill out the form. That’s all there is to it.

Keep in mind that not all carriers support incidental pick ups, and if they do, they might charge a small fee. What’s more, we’d recommend scheduling pick-ups at least 2 days in advance. For more information about pick-up and the conditions that go along with them, visit our Help Center.


  • Recurring 

While incidental pick-ups are generally a one-off event, you can also arrange regular, recurring pick-ups if needed. Recurring pick-ups can happen every week or multiple times per week. Usually, this amount will be set by your carrier contract. If you don’t have your own carrier contract, contact Sendcloud customer support and we’ll help you set up your first pickup within 5-10 business days. 

Keep in mind that each carrier has its own rules for accepting pickups and it might not be possible all the time. For instance,if you don’t meet the monthly shipping quota. Again, head over to our Help Center to learn more about the different pickup conditions.


  • Get confirmation of collected parcels

If you want to keep records on what parcels have been shipped, you can easily create pickup reports. First, go to Created labels, select parcels, and click Create pickup report. If you want, you can even have the carrier sign the report.. Just keep in mind that these reports aren’t legally binding documents necessarily, but are just there for you to keep internal control in your business.