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Add shipping to your Xentral set-up.  

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Xentral and Sendcloud have teamed up to offer a seamless shipping integration for the Xentral ERP platform.

Xentral helps SMEs improve operations by connecting every corner of their business, providing greater visibility and control over orders, stock, payment and delivery.

With the Sendcloud integration, Xentral users will be able to automate the manual, time-consuming elements of the shipping process, access 80+ carriers, and give customers a top-tier delivery experience within their current Xentral ERP.

How it works:

Existing Xentral customers can connect to Sendcloud from the Xentral app store or by creating a Sendcloud account and adding Xentral as an integration.

To start using the integration, Xentral users must create a new Shipping Method. More information on the settings for specific send type fields can be found here.

Xentral users can decide to ship with an existing carrier contract or use Sendcloud’s pre-negotiated shipping rates.

Xentral e-commerce merchants can manage their shipments and returns directly from their Xentral ERP.

Benefits for Sendcloud & Xentral

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    Use existing contracts or transactional rates

    Xentral customers can move their existing carrier contracts to Sendcloud to simplify their operations.

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    Create a multi-carrier shipping strategy

    Xentral customers can access 80+ carriers to create a multi-carrier strategy that works best for their customers.

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    Automated orders and shipping rules

    Set up your own logistics framework to put your business’s unique needs on autopilot, thanks to Xentral’s eCommerce software and Sendcloud’s shipping rules.

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    Shipping guidance from industry experts

    Get advice and know-how from the shipping experts at Sendcloud and exceptional client care from Xentral.

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