Branded Tracking Experience

Post-sale branded communication that drives revenue

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An Order Tracking Experience like no other

Be with your customers every step of the way and increase loyalty and post-sale interactions.

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Branded Tracking Messages

Provide your shoppers timely delivery status updates, improve the overall customer journey and drive cross-sales for your webshop. All automatically in their own language. 

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Branded Tracking Page

Your communication doesn’t have to end at the checkout stage anymore. Connect your Instagram account to get new social media followers or share different offers and product recommendations to drive revenue.

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Available on all plans

Tracking Widget

Offer a better online experience by allowing all your customers to check their order status directly from your webshop. Embed the Tracking Widget on your website in a few clicks. No coding knowledge required.

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Available on all plans

Tracking API

Receive the current and past status updates of all orders with just a tracking number. Build your own tracking solution on top of the Sendcloud Tracking API.

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Fully automate the order tracking process

Increase customer experience and retention

Go global with automated multi-language tracking

Increase revenue and social media followers post-purchase

Increase loyalty post-sale

With the Branded Tracking Experience,
the communication continues up until the point of delivery, providing an end-to-end customer journey.

Increase brand awareness and Social Media followers

Share news and giveaways by embedding your Instagram account to your tracking page.

Hola! Hello! Bonjour! Go global with automated multi-language tracking

Scaling internationally? We have you covered with multi-language track and trace. Switch languages with one click of a button.

Before Branded Tracking

Communication ends at the
checkout stage.

Carrier notifications are usually not user friendly and limited to package information.

Customers don’t receive package status notifications for every stage.

Regular webshop emails have an average open rate of 20%.

Customers are sent to the Carrier portal, which means no brand awareness for your shop.

No opportunity to share your Social media accounts.

No opportunity to do cross-selling and increase revenue.

After Branded Tracking

Communication continues after the purchase.

Customers receive proactive order status notifications, automatically translated in their own language.

Sendcloud’s branded tracking emails have an average open rate of 89%

Tracking notifications are branded with your shop’s logo.

Branded tracking emails send to a branded tracking page, which gives the opportunity to share new offers, vouchers and more.

Embed your Instagram account and increase followers, directly from the tracking page.

Sendcloud is more than Branded Tracking

Shipping Automation


Returns Management


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Boost revenue with an unbeatable customer experience post-purchase

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