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Zeldi Smulders

Zeldi specializes in guiding online retailers toward insights that empower them to grow and thrive. An innate explorer, she’s always on the lookout for valuable tips, tools, and trends to help e-commerce owners overcome the most puzzling processes and enjoy a front-row seat on a journey to success.

How to Write a Return Policy: Fewer Returns & Happy Customers in 5 Steps

No return policy, no sale: research shows that 67% of shoppers wouldn’t even consider ordering from an online shop if there is no clear information available on how to return…

February 5, 2024

Solve the 8 Most Common E-commerce Shipping Problems

Do you find yourself losing sleep over lost and damaged parcels or surprised by unexpected surcharges? Well, you’re not alone in facing shipping problems. As an e-commerce retailer, your success…

December 22, 2023

Why Parcel Tracking Secures Your Grip on Peak Season Customer Satisfaction

Peak season is looming large, so parcel tracking becomes a hot topic as e-commerce owners anticipate the question: “Where is my order?”. With a surge in customer interactions during the…

November 16, 2023

Woman confidently labeling and shipping e-commerce packages during peak season rush

Master Peak Shipping Season: Your Ultimate Survival Guide

As the busiest time of year approaches for the e-commerce and shipping industry, peak shipping season naturally brings both excitement – and panic. Are you ready to take the rush…

October 31, 2023

Packages piled in delivery van after peak season shipping delays

Manage Peak Season Shipping Delays: Efficient and Customer-friendly Solutions

Peak season boosts sales volumes, yet also brings about recurring shipping delays — a great big dent in your customer satisfaction score just waiting to happen. Do you just have…

October 20, 2023

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