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Supercharge your Holded account with the power of Sendcloud’s shipping automation.

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Sendcloud is teaming up with Holded to add the power of shipping automation to this cloud-based ERP. Thanks to its multi-carrier API and other features, Sendcloud has all the tools you need to scale your e-commerce business and expand internationally. 

When you connect Holded to Sendcloud, you’ll gain instant access to over 80 carriers throughout Europe. Create shipping labels in just a few clicks, offer top-of-the-line tracking and returns, and so much more. Save yourself valuable time and resources—and give your customers the frictionless delivery experience they expect. Sync up your Holded environment with Sendcloud and discover why 23,000 e-commerce companies already love shipping with Sendcloud.

How it works

Save time and money by optimizing your label generation flows. Once the waybill is created in Holded, the order information is sent directly to Sendcloud. From your Sendcloud dashboard, create your labels in bulk in just a few clicks. Sendcloud automatically determines the best carrier and shipping method for the order, so you can generate and print labels up to 3x faster than before. On average, using Sendcloud can save you up to 7 minutes per parcel shipped!

Once the orders are on the way, keep your customers in the loop with automation tracking messages. Set up your own tracking emails, SMS, and pages that reflect your company’s branding and redirect back to your own website. Keep customers happy and informed—and own your customer communication at every single stage.


  • All orders are synced automatically to Sendcloud (after waybill creation)
  • Create shipping labels in just a few clicks
  • Process orders and print labels in bulk
  • Barcode scanner support and picking list generation
  • Curate your own logistics automation with smart shipping rules
  • Multi-carrier solution
  • Branded tracking page and tracking messages
  • Self-service customer return portal