Today is the day: we’re finally ready to launch our new logo, and that’s not all! Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes on a complete rebranding. This was not a decision that we took lightly. That’s why we want to take a moment in this article to look back on how we decided to reinvent our logo and existing branding. This isn’t even the first time we’ve done it. Read on to learn all about it.

The beginning of SendCloud: 12 October 2012

Let’s take a look back on how it all started. During their days at uni, Rob, Bas and Sabi were running their own online store selling smartphone accessories. Everything was running as smoothly as could be, except for the shipping process.

Even Google didn’t have a solution for the major frustrations of an inefficient shipping process.

So, they took the bold step of meeting with PostNL and DHL while also working with a friend to develop new software.

The very first version of SendCloud linked order details from Magento and WooCommerce to PostNL and DHL.

One of the first employees who started working in the marketing department alongside his studies was Rob’s younger brother, Tom.

Tom had always been into (web) design and started designing the very first logo. It was playful and used icons to show what SendCloud was all about: connecting shipping and e-commerce businesses within a single online platform.

Sendcloud old logo 2012

Branding version 2.0 in 2016

Four years later, the first logo got a little upgrade. The most important reason was that the logo was starting to show its age a bit by that point, and it no longer represented what SendCloud stood for. After all, the platform got more functionalities by that time to include multiple carriers, shipping options like pick-up points and fancy track & trace emails.

The icons from the logo dated back to a time when squared edges were still very prominent, as seen, for example, in the Volkswagen Golf design from that period.

So, it was time for a change, but nothing too radical. The logo became more rounded and the icons were modernised. The little envelope was also replaced with an icon of a parcel.

Sendcloud logo 2016

After all, it was already possible at that time to send letters, letterbox parcels and regular packages using SendCloud.

We were happy with the new logo, but the old logo still appeared on many external websites. We tried to remove the logo all over the web, but even today Google is still showing our very first logo. The result of that is that even interns who create presentation sometimes use the old logo from Google….woops! 

Apart from logo changes, an external agency came up with a concept for a new layout of our brand, because it was time to create a new promotional website.

To create a natural look, we used wood textures. In those days, the trend was to use textured backgrounds. And it looked nice enough, so we decided to launch the new style.

Sendcloud branding 2016

Of course, looking back on it, it actually looks pretty funny.

By 2016, SendCloud was already active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, and launching in France was already planned.

As a result, the team kept growing, and branding was used in many different ways. After all, there weren’t that many guidelines for our branding at that time. 

Switching to version 3.0 in 2017

One year after introducing the wood-themed style, we decided (again) that it was time for an update. By then, many new features were added, and SendCloud was becoming more than just a shipping solution for start-up businesses.

Our new and improved Pack & Go solution made it possible to pick and pack orders in a smarter, more efficient way than ever before. Our goal is to help any online retailer to optimise their shipping process every step of the way.

So, our marketing team decided to switch to a new style and built version 3.0 of our promotional website. The new style featured a blue background with real photos of the shipping process. The idea was to make it easier to carry out our branding throughout all our marketing materials.

Old brand SendCloud 3.0

A completer makeover in 2019

At the end of 2018, we were looking back on a year that had been filled with new developments. One of the biggest releases was the new Track & Trace solution. With the help of some new employees who are continuously focussing on our product’s UX and UI, we succeeded in giving our new tracking feature an improved layout. 

This release was the unofficial start of a new style for SendCloud. Comparing the new “sexy” tracking feature to the rest of the branding, it didn’t feel right anymore and started to look pretty unsexy. 

So, what did we do next? We tossed out the entire promotional website once again. Now, it’s easier to tell what SendCloud has to offer. And, importantly, it uses the same style as all of our latest features. The new promotional website went live in May. This was also the point at which we realised that the 2016 logo did no longer fit the new style and everything we represent. 

New branding SendCloud 2019

Fun fact: it was an applicant who first brought this to our attention. This person was honest enough to say that it was actually not such a great logo. The icons were unrecognisable from a distance. And they were right about that!

So, over the past few weeks, we’ve been working with Upsyder and the creative team of Faker Agency to design a new logo and yet again, a new branding. 

From SendCloud to Sendcloud

The new logo is approachable, easy to read and explains our service via our new logo mark. Optical kerning, rounded corners, and clear space all help to make the logo and the name as instantly recognizable as possible.

Sendcloud logo 2019

In the past, we often saw that people were spelling our brand name as ‘Sendcloud’. Officially, it was SendCloud. So, in our new style, we decided to change the capital C into a lower-case c. Easy as that! And if there’s one thing we stand for, it’s making things easy.

You’ve probably already seen that the new style is featured in our software too. We will continue to improve the UI of our software to make it even more user friendly.

We’re very pleased with it! What do you think?

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In conclusion

Changes are often difficult, but we hope that the new style appeals to you. No worries though: we’re still the same old Sendcloud you’ve always known! With this article we wanted to explain the thoughts and processes behind the change, so our new colours and new logo won’t come to you as a complete surprise.

We’ve tried to roll out everything in the new style. However, you may still come across the old logo here and there. During the following weeks we’ll do everything we can to completely transfer to our new branding. 

On behalf of the entire Sendcloud team, we hope you like the new style. We’re looking forward to many more milestones!

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