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Whether you’re connecting Sendcloud to a custom shop system or using it as part of a large enterprise ERP, our powerful API supports simple but secure features to create a complete and efficient shipping and returns process.

Sendcloud’s Shipping API 

With Sendcloud’s Shipping API, you gain automatic access to an extensive list of carriers and shipping methods that are continually added and updated. Offer multiple carriers in your checkout, easily manage incoming orders, and quickly generate shipping labels with trust-worthy label generation. Centralise your shipping with your own carrier contract and scale fast with our pre-negotiated prices.

Shipping API

Sendcloud’s Service Points API

Implement Sendcloud’s Service Points directly into your checkout with the API, and empower your customers to choose their ideal pick-up destination from the largest service point network in Europe (300,000+).

Service Points API
Checkout - Service Point Selector

Sendcloud’s Return Portal API

Use our Return Portal API to offer a customer-friendly returns process while efficiently managing your incoming returns without the manual hassle. See which items are being returned and why, and automatically update your inventory once they are back. Choose to quickly implement our Return Portal template, or use the API as a foundation to build a complete branded return solution for your customers. 

Return Portal API

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API Integration

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Service Point Picker

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Sendcloud Changelog

Want to know all the updates to Sendcloud’s API? Check out our Changelog for the latest news.

Sendcloud Changelog

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