In the operations team, our purpose is to accelerate Sendcloud’s growth in the most efficient way. We take care of Business Intelligence: analysing and number crunching to create transparency and visibility on data. We are the creator of many widely used dashboards and insightful analytics within the company.

We also help to automate and smarten up processes within the company. By connecting systems and tools via APIs and database connections, we make sure key processes in our firm are always using the most relevant data. That’s how we make this rocket fly! 🚀

Sendcloud employees playing a bowling game at the office
Sendcloud employees socialising in the Eindhoven office lobby

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Business Intelligence Engineer
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Quantitative Business Analyst
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Sales Operations Lead
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Whoop whoop,
it’s da police! 🚨

At Sendcloud, we want to continuously and proactively improve our organizational, technical and operational setup to become safer and better every day. That’s why we have Security Officers, responsible for the execution of our Information Security Management System under the ISO 27001 norm. Pow pow! 💥

What your future team mates have to say

Portrait photo of Tom Scholtze, Quantitative Business Analyst at Sendcloud

Tom Scholtze
Quantitative Business Analyst

“I really enjoy the freedom Sendcloud is providing: you can really make an impact, while exploring your own projects and ideas. There’s a mayor focus on personal development and you’re actively motivated to improve yourself. Lastly, and for me most important, is the company culture, which is in one word EPIC!”

Portrait photo of Bram Greijmans, Program Manager & Security Officer at Sendcloud

Bram Greijmans
Program Manager & Security Officer

“Working at Sendcloud feels like you’re part of this awesome group of people that are building a crazy rocket ship together 🚀  There are tremendous opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally. To top it we have an amazing no-bullshit culture of growing, winning and having fun!”

Portrait photo of Bart van Rooijen, Quantitative Business Analyst at Sendcloud

Bart van Rooijen
Quantitative Business Analyst

“Working in Operations is a great mix between business and engineering. We work with the entire company to gather ideas on how to make processes smarter, and then some big brain thinking is necessary to innovate these ideas. Combine this with the random brainstorms, low-level (engineering) jokes, and spontaneous team battles to create the rockets 🚀 we are always talking about.”

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What our people say

“Informal and energetic working atmosphere, awesome colleagues and a promising product in an industry that’s on fire.”