Tackling Peak Season 2020

19 tips to solve your biggest shipping challenges this Peak Season

Peak Season is upon us and one thing is for certain: this year’s peak will be different than usual and is expected to be the busiest period ever. This will ultimately put a lot of pressure on e-commerce brands and their operations. This sheet gives you 19 actionable tips you can use to handle the busiest peak period ever. At the end you’ll find a roadmap for automated shipping, to make sure you can rely on a smooth shipping process.

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What’s inside?

Your time is valuable, so we won’t waste it. This checklist includes 19 to-the-point tips you can implement immediately to save you time, money and resources this peak season. Optimise your shipping process to keep things running smoothly and keep your customers happy.

The checklist covers:

  • The peak period forecast – which weeks are going to be the busiest?
  • The impact of the peak season on delivery
  • Top tips on:
    • Conversion
    • Order processing
    • Customer satisfaction
  • Roadmap for automated shipping