“Everything in just one click: from printing shipping labels to sending tracking mails”

Bibi Hermans | Webshop Manager Run2Day

“By runners, for runners” that’s the motto of Run2Day.

The owners of Run2day started their (online) store because of their passion for running. The concept was already successful offline, so an online store only seemed natural. In this article you’ll learn how their store grew fast, what their challenges were and how they profit from an omni-channel strategy.

From offline to online

“As one of the first running article sellers we started our online store in 2010. We wanted to be different from our competitors and respond to the growing demand of online consumers. However, as we had no one fully responsible  for our online store, our biggest pitfall was all the manual work we had to do: from inventory management and order processing to shipping: dropping off order by order. Because of growing demand and as we were not fully ready, we decided to put this on hold in 2010. In 2013 we started with a completely new online store. This time with an online store manager, fully integrated stock and shipping via SendCloud.”


“The biggest pitfall was the manual work we had to do for processing & shipping orders”


What are the biggest challenges your online store is facing?

When we started back in 2010, the shipping process costed us a lot of time, it wasn’t scalable. Since our backend has been set up with SendCloud, we don’t have sleepless nights any more. Our biggest challenge now is to bring our experience and learnings from the offline stores to the online store. Our online store has a lot of potential!

How do you combine your offline stores with the online store?

Every Run2Day store has it’s own warehouse and we manage our online store stock from our headquarter in Utrecht. Via an app we can easily manage our stock in all warehouses. When a product isn’t available in our store in Amersfoort for example, we immediately order it for our client and we ship it to their home address.

What does your shipping process look like now?

When we receive a new order, our warehouse employees will pick the products. We always add a return form, the invoice and our Run2Day magazine to the package. Via our shop system we select the chosen carrier and we simply click on send. The shipping label will be printed immediately via our SendCloud integration. Then we stick the label on to the parcel and at 16:00 o’clock DHL picks up our orders.


“Everything in just one click: from printing shipping labels to sending tracking mails”


Why do you like using SendCloud, what are the benefits?

I think  the first thing that comes to mind is that we save a lot of time! We went from 15 minutes processing time per order to only 5 minutes per order. Shipping labels are being created in just one click. For us, being able to ship with multiple carriers is also a huge benefit. SendCloud works well and shipments can easily be checked when we receive questions from our customers. We are also very satisfied with the customer service at SendCloud. When we have a question, they are immediately ready to help.


  • Printing shipping labels effortlessly
  • Direct insight in the status of our shipments
  • Quick help with any questions
  • Saving a lot of time
  • It helps a lot with our omni-channel strategy


“From 15 minutes processing time per order to only 5 minutes per order!”


What are the results of using Same Day Delivery?

We see highs and lows in the demand for delivery on the same day, but the experiences are always positive. We offer two options in our check-out: same day or next day delivery. Besides that our clients can also choose to pick-up the order at one of our offline stores. We always let our clients choose which delivery option they want. When it turns out that a product isn’t available, we send an extra order with same day delivery. This way we can always provide our clients with the product they ordered.

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