Recently we launched the new and improved lay-out of our return portal. But we did not stop there. We’ve now added some other features to make the returns process even easier than before, for both you and your customer.

Let customers select which products they are returning

Nowadays it’s common for online shoppers to order more then one product/item per order in an online store. This because they then get  a discount, free shipping or aren’t sure about the right size for them if it concerns clothing. Downside of customers buying multiple items is the fact that they can also return all of these items, which is a hassle for you as an online store owner. Especially when you don’t know which items they are returning and why. For that reason we made it possible for your customers to select the items they want tor return in your return portal, together with the return reason. This way you know which specific items are coming back and why.

ecommerce returns with Sendcloud

Add return portal link and return policy link to your tracking mails

A lot of online retailers still think it’s best to hide away their return policy somewhere deep on their website. They think that if they make returning easy and transparent, the return rate will go up for their online store. A common misunderstanding, since it’s actually the other way around. A transparent and easy return process decreases the amount of people returning items and increases the likelihood of customers doing a repeat purchase at your store. With our self service return portal, we already enabled online retailers to offer a hassle-free returns experience. Now we’ve taken this a step further by making it possible to include a link to your branded return portal and to your return policy in the footer of your tracking mails. When people click on the link to your return portal, their order details will already be prefilled,  making sure their returns process goes as smooth as possible.

Add return policy to the Sendcloud track & trace notifications

Add track & trace code to tracking mails

Do you regularly get questions from customers asking where they can find the tracking code for their order? We now got you covered! You can easily add the tracking code to your tracking mails by typing { in the body of your tracking mails and select the ”tracktrace” variable. This way your customers always know what their tracking code is and don’t need to bother your customer service representatives.

Insert custom values in your automated track & trace emails via Sendcloud

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