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Uncover hidden costs and errors in shipping invoices with automatic cross-checking between carrier invoices and contracts.

Get insights into shipping cost forecasts based on your current shipping rates and contract details.

Analyse invoice trends to spot cost-saving opportunities and make informed decisions

There are two main reasons:

- Parcel surcharges are incorrectly applied by the carrier

- Your shipment promise wasn't met. But why should you pay for an express shipment if it wasn't delivered within the promised timeframe?

Shipping intelligence matches order information with carrier data. By matching dimensions and the weight of your order and carrier terms and conditions we can know exactly what the price will be.

This means that based on your rates and contracts we can give the estimated costs of a shipment. We can then calculate a daily, weekly and monthly shipping cost forecast for you

Based on your carrier contracts we know your shipping prices, possible surcharges and costs for additional services.

Each month we cross-check your shipping invoices with your shipments. We then calculate what the actual prices should be based on our data. When there’s a deviation, we highlight it on your invoice so you can easily verify whether it's right or not.

Don’t want to upload the invoices on a monthly basis? No worries, it can be fully automated.

Sendcloud uses the biggest dataset of European shipping event data. We’re working with 500+ million shipments and 3+ billion scan events to benchmark carrier performance, compare shipping rates and pick the cheapest and best carriers for your business' specific needs and requirements.

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