a.k.a. The Machines 🤖

Why ‘Machines’? Good question! Maybe because we crank out content like it’s nothing? Or because we hate doing things twice, so we automate everything? Or might it be our rigorous testing and love for data that made us get this nickname? To be honest, we don’t care. Because what we do every day, that’s what matters. We are strong believers in creating value for our audience and focus on providing online retailers the knowledge and tools to grow their business.

If you are an all round marketeer who excels in one of the areas below then make sure to apply and join our amazing team of marketing rockstars. We are looking for specialists across all marketing teams: Content, Performance, Product, Growth, Events, Partnerships, Operations, Visual creative, Branding.

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Affiliate Marketing Specialist
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Marketing Intelligence Analyst
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Partner Marketing Managers
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Have a new idea? Great, let’s try it!

We love to challenge ourselves and try out new things. Working in Marketing at Sendcloud means you get a lot of creative freedom. From the way you plan your days, to working on the projects you are most passionate about. If you are someone that likes to take ownership and is eager to learn, you will fit right in.

What your future team mates have to say

Portrait photo of Jeroen Kuunders, Marketing Operations Manager at Sendcloud

Jeroen Kuunders
Marketing Operations Manager

“Quitting my freelance career and joining Sendcloud full-time was one of the smartest decisions I made. It has given me completely new levels of creative freedom. Instead of just thinking about bold ideas, I now also have the team and resources to execute them!”

Portrait photo of Stephanie Butcher, Content Marketing Specialist UK at Sendcloud

Stephanie Butcher
Content Marketing Specialist UK

Even though I joined Sendcloud as a novice B2B marketer, I’ve always been encouraged to contribute new ideas and challenge the status-quo. Working at Sendcloud is a hands-on experience and I’m continually growing my skill set. And the best part is the incredibly supportive, yet diverse, team who all truly feel like friends.

Portrait photo of Roberto Ruiz, Marketing Manager Spain at Sendcloud

Roberto Ruiz
Marketing Manager Spain

“From onboarding to collaborating on big projects, working remotely is fully embraced at Sendcloud. Ever since I joined, I’ve felt part of the team and connected to the culture. It’s been a great journey so far and I’m still growing every day!”

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Got your head in the clouds already?

Before you apply, take a second to learn more about how our hiring process works or find answers to any lingering questions.

What our people say

“Informal and energetic working atmosphere, awesome colleagues and a promising product in an industry that’s on fire.”