House of Talent

Human Resources a.k.a. H.O.T. 🔥

It’s getting H.O.T. in here! We are here to make sure at Sendcloud we find, hire and retain the best talent on a global level. We’re responsible for smooth onboarding and off-boarding – and an amazing Sendcloud journey along the way, keeping Sendcloud’s core values H.O.T. with everyone involved in our mission.

We dare to say we’re a trendsetter in the world of Recruitment & HR. By building our House of Talent, finding new ways of recruiting and managing people and their talents we want to blow a new wind into this more oldskool sector.

Sendcloud Head of Talent Isabeau photoshopped in a 'This is fine' meme
Sendcloud House of Talent employees posing for Pride Month

Popular jobs

Talent Magicians (Recruiter)
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Talent Success Heroes (HR)
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Communications Specialist
Eindhoven, Netherlands

We’re keeping it sassy, professional and fierce

We are role models when it comes to living out the Sendcloud values. Because we are here to keep it H.O.T. we’ve created a few of ourselves too. Get ready and butter up with some SPF100!

  • Sassy: lively, bold and full of spirit ✨
  • Professional: bring A+ ideas and show the rest of the world how it’s done! 💭
  • Fierce: not afraid to make mistakes, push past your comfort zone
  • And always keep it 100: no bullshit & transparent 💯

What your future team mates have to say

Portrait photo of Malvina Amato, Talent Magician at Sendcloud

Malvina Amato
Talent Magician

“I love working at H.O.T. because there’s a spotlight for every personality: whether you’re loud and exuberant or quiet and introspective, the team always finds the best way to make you shine for who you are and celebrate your uniqueness!”

Portrait photo of Babette Luters, Senior Talent Success Hero at Sendcloud

Babette Luters
Senior Talent Success Hero

I really enjoy to work in our amazing H.O.T. team. My colleagues are super passionate and we’re always ready to help each other grow!”

Portrait photo of Eleni Katzilieri, Talent Magician at Sendcloud

Eleni Katzilieri
Talent Magician

“The H.O.T. team is great! We get to celebrate a different successes, wins/ and achievements every single week and trust me – we’re great at celebrating!”

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Got your head in the clouds already?

Before you apply, take a second to learn more about how our hiring process works or find answers to any lingering questions.

What our people say

“Informal and energetic working atmosphere, awesome colleagues and a promising product in an industry that’s on fire.”