How does Sendcloud work?

Pretty darn smoothly.

Connect and integrate your store in minutes

Integrate multiple webshops and use as many carriers as you want to suit your shipping needs. It’s all in one place.

Popular integrations

Shopify connection Sendcloud


Connect your Shopify store to Sendcloud

Magento connection Sendcloud


Connect your Magento store to Sendcloud

WooCommerce connection Sendcloud


Connect your WooCommerce store to Sendcloud

Amazon connection Sendcloud


Connect your Amazon store to Sendcloud

Popular carriers

DHL Connection Sendcloud


Available in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands

Connection DPD Sendcloud


Available in Austria, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands

UPS connection Sendcloud


Available in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands

GLS connection Sendcloud


Available in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands

Automate and ship error free 

Creating a scalable and efficient workflow to save your team time is at the heart of our product. Create shipping rules to automatically assign the right shipping method to each order.

smart shipping rules english

Manage order processing effortlessly

Make bulk order processing as easy as it can get. Using our on-or-off screen picking lists or packing slips so you can create a customised workflow that suits your team best.

Offer a unique brand experience

Get an unfair competitive advantage by extending the visual experience of your brand throughout the delivery process and bring your brand to life with our bespoke branded tracking. 

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Give customers flexibility and win their trust at checkout

Offer potential buyers more carrier options at checkout, reduce cart abandonment and make shopping with you an effortless experience.

Tackle returns and drive growth with the returns portal  

Besides for money back, offer store credit so customers can exchange and keep shopping. Stay informed of returns with automated status updates so you can manage the return process. 

Understand shipping and return behaviour 

The analytics dashboard gives you insights into shipments and return data to help you gain a better understanding of what’s driving growth and what needs to be optimised.

Get up and running in less than 5 minutes.