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“Each day we save at least one hour of time on shipping our orders.”


JP van Breen | MotorKledingCenter

MotorKledingCenter opened its first retail store in 2006. The online store followed soon afterwards. MotorKledingCenter has got a wide variety of motorcycle gear on offer for each biker. By now they have become the biggest motorcycle gear specialist in the Benelux area. Find out how they achieved this and what their biggest challenges are. 

Succesverhaal Motorkleding

From one store to three and an online store as well

“Our first store started out as a hobby. There soon turned out to be a big demand for motorcycle gear. We had to meet this need online as well. In a short amount of time we managed to start an online store. The biggest pitfall here was that we had contracts with courier services and that a lot of manual labour was involved in creating the shipping labels. The demand kept increasing, something had to happen to get our shipping process in order. This was possible thanks to Sendcloud. We now ship all our orders straight from our stores as we can scan them and then automatically print the shipping labels”.  

“Our biggest pitfall was that we had contracts with courier services.”

What are the biggest challenges for the online store?

“We’ve now got our shipping process in place. Our next big challenge is to start shipping internationally. We are currently working out how we could best service the German market. A later cut-off time would also be ideal for our store, that way we could offer an even quicker delivery and meet our clients’ needs even better.”

How do you combine the retail stores with the online store?

“We manage our online stock in our two Dutch stores. Our shop assistants ensure that all orders get processed and all packets are ready to go. They often do so at the end of the afternoon. We have a daily pick-up from the courier company that we have a contract with. In our Sendcloud environment we stay up to date with the status of all our shipments.”

What does your shipping process look like exactly?

“When we receive an order in our Lightspeed shop, we check straight away whether we have this product in stock. One of our employees then prints out a packing slip. As we work with scanners and Sendcloud’s Pack & Go solution, we can scan the packing slip and the shipping label comes straight out of the printer. This way we can automate as much as possible.”

“By connecting Sendcloud with Lightspeed the whole shipping process has been automated.”

How do you experience using Sendcloud?

“Thanks to the Sendcloud integration we don’t have to type in address details more than once anymore. In addition we don’t have to weigh our packets anymore, and our employees no longer have to manually send Track & Trace emails to our customers. Everything is automated now which really saves us a lot of time. In addition, it’s ideal that we can keep using our own shipping contract with courier services.”

MotorKledingCenter ❤ Sendcloud

“Thanks to the integration with our Lightspeed environment we automate all shipments. This includes picking orders, printing shipping labels and sending Track & Trace updates. Connecting our online store went simple and fast and as a result we are happy with this solution for our online store.”


  • Shipping without errors
  • Saving money
  • Saving at least one hour per day
  • Making our shop more professional

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