Save time and increase conversion with a no-code checkout plugin

Save time on shipping with direct integration between your checkout and Sendcloud and offer customers new possibilities to improve conversion.

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checkout nominated day delivery

Let customers choose the day they want to receive their packages

Nobody likes a delivery that comes when they’re not at home. With this integration, your customers will be able to choose a specific day they want to receive their orders.

Start offering the next-day delivery

You can’t offer the next-day delivery eg. after your working hours. That’s why now you can define the cut-off time to show this option only when it’s possible to fulfill.

next day delivery
WooCommerce checkout plugin che ti aiuta a processare gli ordini

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Change shipping prices based on the order’s weight

Set different delivery prices to different weight ranges to make sure customers pay the least possible.

Increase conversion with a design proven to work

We’ve tested tens of different designs to increase clarity, ease of use, and reduce the time needed to find the right shipping method.

Have the right delivery method set for your incoming orders

Set your shipping options in Sendcloud, and they will be shown directly in your checkout. This way, when a customer places an order, the shipping label will already have the right method set.

Implement with ease, without writing a single line of code

Competing with the possibilities of the biggest e-commerce businesses was impossible without a developer. Now, all you need is Sendcloud’s plugin.

Match your store’s design with custom CSS

Providing consistent experience is crucial for every strong brand. That’s why you can change anything you need to make the checkout fit in your visual strategy.

Start saving time and improve your checkout conversion.

Start saving time and improve your checkout conversion.

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